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Employment Troubles Among Veterans Prompts Response From Daryl Alison

May 13, 2013 - Orange County, CA

As an individual who has successfully established a charitable organization -- known as Just Donated, Inc. -- and a professional who understands fundraising needs, Daryl Alison has always found it rewarding to support veterans' rights. Through his work, Alison has made an effort to help disabled veterans gain employment after they return from service, as he believes these patriotic citizens should enjoy an opportunity to experience professional success after helping protect America.

While socially-conscious individuals, such as Daryl Alison, strive to improve employment conditions for veterans, a recent article from The Huffington Post suggests that these service members still have trouble finding work -- more so than the average American. The article states, "While the national unemployment rate... hovers at 7.5 percent, Iraq and Afghanistan veterans... face a higher rate of unemployment at 10.8 percent. Overall, more than three quarters of a million veterans are currently unemployed, with an additional one million anticipated to leave service this year through 2017."

Daryl Alison comments, "It can be a very scary thing to come home from service to find that there is little opportunity to seek employment and enjoy the rights that you helped protect. This is especially true for disabled veterans who face greater disadvantages in the job market." While the work of individual volunteers, such as Alison, and organizations strive to make a difference for veterans in the job market, businesses are also facing new encouragement from the government -- such as through tax incentives -- to hire veterans.

Still, according to The Huffington Post article, some veterans may find that employment is not all that feasible when applying to work at an established business. In response, the article suggests an alternative, "Entrepreneurship, or self-employment, is a solution for the unemployment situation of veterans that comes quite naturally given skillsets gained through military service." The article goes on to describe different programs and statistics that reveal the growing sense of encouragement in regards to veterans and entrepreneurship -- information that Daryl Alison finds inspiring.

"As an entrepreneur, I can say that starting an organization or business is one of the most rewarding freedoms that an American citizen can experience. While it takes training and knowledge to gain these skills, I believe that veterans who are ready to face new challenges can create bright futures for themselves through developing their own businesses," Daryl Alison concludes.


Daryl Alison began his business 15 years ago as a fundraising model for his local MADD chapter. Since its establishment the organization has grown into various fundraising avenues. With a passion for managing car donations for nonprofit fundraising efforts, Daryl Alison has effectively led his current fundraising business -- Just Donated, Inc. While focusing on delivering contributions to a wide variety of clients -- including a PBS affiliate in Southern California -- Alison remains dedicated to providing the highest level of customer care. In his personal endeavors, Daryl Alison enjoys restoring classic cars and RVs -- an effort that has allowed him to build a collection of more than 40 vehicles which he currently rents out to film and television studios.


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