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Emerging Trends Win Attention of Warren Melamed, Comments on Dental Vacations

March 11, 2013 - Nashville, TN

Although making regular visits to the dentist and receiving necessary treatment is essential to maintaining optimal oral health, Warren Melamed -- noted dental professional -- explains that many Americans avoid dental care in fear of expenses. However, the emerging trend of dental vacations has grown in popularity among American patients, as it can allow an individual to receive a high level of care for a fraction of what it would cost to get the same procedure in the United States. A recent article from The Huffington Post reveals the firsthand account of Suzan Haskins, an American living abroad who has received dental care throughout Latin America. In response to this article, Warren Melamed highlights some important elements to consider before opting for dental care in a foreign country.

According to the article, Haskins has found that the expense of dental care is considerably lower in Latin America. Specifically, she states, "Cleanings cost about the same [as in America] and basic fillings average $70 or $80. More serious procedures vary in price depending on the individual situation, but implants, bridges and crowns are significantly less expensive than in the U.S." While the price of these procedures may prove appealing to Americans who are considering this option in medical tourism, Warren Melamed reminds patients that "individuals will often get what they pay for."

Although there are risks of seeking out dental care in Latin America, the article reveals that with some research interested parties can find out which providers offer the highest care. It states, "There is also no shortage of state-of-the-art equipment in Latin American medical and dental offices, but it can take some comparison-shopping to find the right combination of location, office layout, training and equipment." In addition to modern technology and practices, the article reveals that many Latin American dentists are noted for their high level of customer service.

Still, Warren Melamed urges American patients to take care and fully compare the cost benefits of receiving care in a foreign country as opposed to in the United States. "I have seen a lot of dentistry come out of Mexico, as I lived in Dallas for 28 years and treated many Mexican immigrants. The quality of what I saw was abysmal for the most part. In addition, I have also seen a number of Americans who did the same type of dental vacation and the results were not the same as those of Ms. Suzan Haskins," Warren Melamed concludes.


Warren Melamed is a noted dental professional who is known for his work as the CEO and President of Oral Health Management -- a Tennessee-based LLC. He is also recognized for founding Monarch Dental in Dallas, Texas -- an organization that went public in 1997 and allowed Melamed to take on several roles as Chairman, President and Chief Dental Officer. Although Warren Melamed has made considerable contributions to the health and dental care industry, he is also noted for maintaining charity as a priority and has made numerous efforts to give back to the community through various capacities.


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