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Dr. Keith Ostrosky Celebrates Strong Evolution of Dental Hygienists

March 6, 2013 - St. Paul, MN

Dr. Keith Ostrosky, a general dentist, praises the developments of the dental hygiene field, as described in a new article from Dentistry IQ. The piece discusses a new workshop designed by the ADHA, titled Dental Hygiene in a Changing World: Empowering, Supporting & Developing Your Career.

The workshop was created to help dental hygienists work on leadership skills, and to prepare these individuals to use these new abilities to navigate an evolving professional landscape. Those in attendance learned how to capitalize on their newfound leadership abilities in order to take advantage of new career opportunities, thus helping them to bring their careers to the next level.

The attendees, who graduated between the years 1981-2012, were from a range of age groups. Most participants were somewhere between 20 and 60, which each demographic fairly equally represented. More than half of the program's participants had earned an Associate's degree, while about one-third held a Bachelor's degree. Twelve percent had obtained a Master's degree, and 75 percent were actively working in a position that requires a dental hygiene license. Most were employed by general dental and group practices.

Program participants gave a variety of reasons as to why they wanted to attend the workshop. Dr. Keith Ostrosky was impressed that many noted their interest in expanding opportunities beyond clinical private practice; others said they sought guidance in obtaining advanced degrees. Concern about the physical limitations of clinical dental hygiene, as well as the desire to move into non-traditional careers such as public health or research were other reasons.

The seminar opened with a session titled A Look at the Current Landscape which offered an overview into the current and changing landscape of the field, as well as a list of skills that all dental hygienists should obtain in order to improve their professional lives. Debra Bachman Zabloudill, who founded the Learning Studio, delivered the keynote presentation. She noted that career mapping includes creating a mission statement, as well as developing goals and objectives.

Upon exploring the characteristics of successful dental hygienists around the United States, attendees are now better able to apply those qualities to their own personal career maps. They are also able to chart their path of growth and development.

Dr. Keith Ostrosky supports this educational seminar, and encourages dental hygienists to take on a strong leadership role. He states, "By expanding the duties of dental hygienists it will become much easier for people to gain access to dental care."


Dr. Keith Ostrosky is the founder of Ostrosky Cosmetic and Family Dentistry in South St. Paul, Minnesota. He offers a diverse range of services to his patients, including treatment of halitosis, sealants, bonding, fillings, crowns, bridges, and deep cleaning. Dr. Keith Ostrosky and his team remain committed to offering high quality care with a compassionate approach.


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