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Company Reports on Latest Financing, Human Resource and Business Development Activities

September 13, 2013 - TORONTO, ONTARIO

EasyMed Services, Inc. (CNSX: EZM)(OTCBB: EMYSF)(MUN: EY6) (the "Company" or "EasyMed") is a global medical information technology company delivering an end-to-end patient care solution through mobile phone, PDA and server technologies.

Mr. Tejinder Sahota, EasyMed's Chief Executive Officer, is pleased to provide an update on the progress and developments of EasyMed.

Dear Shareholders,

As Chief Executive Officer of EasyMed, it is my great pleasure to update you on the significant changes that are occurring at EasyMed and the key business development activities in which we are currently involved, both for the International Medical Passport and Easy SmartCare.

-- The treasury of the company recently received a convertible loan amount
of US $250,000 from GKAN Director and international businessman, Mr.
Alexandre Niklan, who has seen the potential of EasyMed and shown faith
in its products. Mr. Niklan has invested on a personal basis and has
been collaborating with the company for the past year by opening doors
for the commercialisation of Easymed's products. His investment signals
a strong belief in the company's capabilities and his own potential to
help to commercialise the products into his broader network. The funds
will be used for general working capital purposes, to meet the company's
obligations and to fulfil imminent contracts.

-- You, our shareholders, approved all the resolutions put before you at
the Company's Annual General and Special Meeting, held on August 15,
2013 at Vancouver, BC. At the Meeting, shareholders voted to re-elect
Jared Scharf and Frank Christ as directors for the ensuing year; and
elected me, Tejinder Sahota, to the Board of Directors. They reappointed
Davidson & Co. as the Company's auditors for the ensuing year and
authorized the directors to fix the auditor's remuneration. The
shareholders also approved the consolidation of the Company's common
shares on the basis of five old shares for one new common share (5:1) in
the equity of the Company. The shareholders voted in favour of the name
change to Easymed Technologies Inc. The Share Consolidation and Name
Change remain subject to final approval by the Canadian National Stock
Exchange and may be completed at the discretion of the Board of
Directors. For more information on these matters, please refer to
Easymed's information circular, available on SEDAR (
Following the Meeting, the directors reappointed me, Tejinder Sahota, as
CEO and Mr. Jared Scharf as CFO of the Company. The Company's audit
committee is comprised of Jared Scharf, Frank Christ and myself.

-- From a technology strategy standpoint, we announce the departure of the
previous CTO of EasyMed, Mr. Thomas Wacinski, who has successfully
fulfilled his obligations with the company. Management has received a
strong commitment from technology investor and Easymed shareholder, Mr.
George Koukis, who is the founder and Chairman of banking software
giant, Temenos. Easymed Chief Developer, Mr. Gopinath Nammalvar, and the
team of developers will benefit immensely from the acumen that Mr.
Koukis and his technology resources bring to the table. He and his team
will take a leading role with the technology component of the Easymed
solution. Temenos has 2,300 Software developers in Chennai, India, and
Easymed is integrated into the IXL compound which houses George Koukis'
technology companies.

-- Easymed is no longer in the sheer development phase of its products as
it is now concentrating on deploying the solution at the commercial
level. The vast experience of Mr. George Koukis, who was the driving
force behind the rapid rise of Temenos from startup to world-leader in
banking software, cannot be underestimated. The objective is that the
product becomes world-class and extremely user-friendly as is the
hallmark of the most successful entities in the technology space. Mr.
Koukis also demonstrates his performance-driven support for the company
by extending favourable payment terms for the technology resources and
for the completion of imminent key contracts.

-- On the business development front, we have signed one significant
contract and are finalising terms for a second one; the company has
signed a contract with the University Hospital of Geneva (HUG) and the
second prospect is with one of the world's largest media and information
companies, which owns an online health portal.

-- At HUG, we are delivering a turnkey solution to the head of the
hospital's 700 strong cardiac department, Professor Kalangos, one of
the world's foremost authorities on cardiovascular surgery. After
heart surgery, patients are required to have regular blood tests,
collectively known as a "coagulation study," which determine how
quickly their blood is clotting and, should the results fall outside
prescribed norms, immediate action must be taken to prevent negative
effects, which can, in extreme cases, result in death. Currently, a
lab worker sends a message to the patient's doctor, which may or may
not be seen for some time, resulting in increased rates of patient
mortality. Easy SmartCare will be installed into the cardiovascular
surgery department at the hospital and each time a blood test result
is input into the system that does not meet normal levels, a message
will automatically be sent to both doctor's and the patient's mobile
phones, allowing action to be taken urgently. Easy SmartCare is also
in the process of being approved as an enterprise-wide software
solution at HUG, which would make it eligible for use by any other
department requiring similar technology.

-- The online health portal receives over 9m unique visitors per month
and it provides disease-based information, as well as specific
programmes related to areas such as smoking and pregnancy. The owner
of the portal plans to mobilise some of its content and offerings,
and EasyMed will be its technology partner in this venture. Beyond
this initial work, the health portal plans to upgrade its system to
provide users with health assessments and recommendations, as well
as appropriately targeted content, using EasyMed's technology to
provide a range of features, particularly those based on users'
mobile phones.

We believe that all successful businesses are able to accomplish their corporate objectives by attracting key human resources. The team is changing and will continue to evolve as we go from a product development-centred company to a company that wants to attain the next level, which is that of commercialisation. We are no longer going to develop functionality and try to sell it; instead, in conjunction with our clients, we will develop solutions that will fulfil their critical needs and this in turn will truly enhance our products into relevant, useful solutions.

Our streamlined operation, the addition of serious technological muscle and the signature of a revenue-generating contract with one of the foremost hospitals in Europe makes us confident that we shall build a solid platform for the company in the coming several months and shall see the company attain its much-awaited transformation into a healthy health information technology company.

I thank you for your continued attention and support, and look forward to communicating with you again soon.


Mr. Tejinder Sahota, Chief Executive Officer

About International Medical Passport

EasyMed's International Medical Passport ( makes medical records accessible worldwide by smartphone - an important service for all business travelers. Today's global travelers need instant access to their health records in case of an emergency. The International Medical Passport puts the complete record on a smartphone together with instant access to pre-approved doctors, clinics and hospitals around the world. The Medical Passport works on all phone, PDA and web platforms and operates in over 80 countries with 300+ mobile carriers. Cloud-based, secure, compliant and accessible on iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry platforms, EasyMed's International Medical Passport meets HIPAA requirements, supports HL-7 (the global authority on standards for interoperability of health information technology) and is IBM certified.

About Easy SmartCare

Easy SmartCare allows clinics, hospitals and doctors' practices to communicate with patients through text messages on their smartphones and other mobile devices. Easy SmartCare reduces missed appointments, improves preparation, sends medication reminders and improves overall outpatient management, and clinical trials have shown immediate and positive financial benefits.

About EasyMed Services Inc.

EasyMed Services Inc. (CNSX: EZM)(OTCBB: EMYSF)(MUN: EY6) is a global medical information technology company delivering an end-to-end patient care solution through mobile phone, PDA and server technologies offering specialized services and applications for healthcare, insurance and pharmaceutical industries. We are committed to world-class customer service and the protection of our clients' information. To learn more, please visit

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