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Coin Collection Attracts High Bids at Auction, Avram Freedberg Highlights Importance of Protecting Valuable Coins

April 23, 2013 - Port Chester, NY

As the President of National Collector's Mint, Avram Freedberg is passionate about the art of collecting rare coins and other goods. The products that the company offers have long been recognized for adding value to individuals' collections, especially since the coins are presented with authenticity and a high quality of preservation. According to Freedberg, while many of the company's customers prefer to collect for personal satisfaction, those who are able to amass expansive collections can sometimes turn their valuables into a profitable exchange.

As an example, Avram Freedberg highlights a new article from The Daily Mail that focuses on a coin collection that achieved a great sale price at a recent auction. The article explains, "A 'handful of change' discovered in a tool box was found to be a collection of rare coins -- which fetched £ 30,000 at auction. The historic currency remained untouched inside the rusting steel container after the owner died in the 1990s. His son later opened his tool box and found the money -- including gold sovereigns from the reigns of Queen Victoria and King George V and an 1887 Victorian five pound coin."

Although the inheritor was able to receive more than the estimated value for the collection, The Daily Mail suggests that if the individual had not looked in his father's toolbox, the fortune would have remained undiscovered. Auctioneer Paul Keen explains, "It was not until our client finally opened his father's tool box, which had been kept under lock and key for several years, that he discovered how extensive his father's coin collection was."

Freedberg notes that the auction gathered an international buzz and an impressive return for the seller -- one that Freedberg hopes will spark a renewed interest in coin collecting. While the coin collection was able to acquire approximately double the estimated value, Freedberg notes that the discovery of the collection is one that should raise caution among collectors. "The fact that the collection was found in an unidentified toolbox shows just how close the seller was to missing out on this great opportunity. As such, I hope that collectors will find greater importance in preserving their valuables and making sure that they remain clearly identified for future heirs," Avram Freedberg concludes.


Avram Freedberg, founder and president of National Collector's Mint, Inc., established the company in 1994 and continues to lead it in its expansion. Since its establishment, National Collector's Mint has become an internationally respected coin and collectibles company, headquartered in Port Chester, New York. The company has grown from a two-person operation into an enterprise of almost 50 employees. In addition to its focus on business development, the company is a strong supporter of charitable work. On behalf of the organization, Freedberg has donated more than $2 million to numerous charitable causes and looks forward to continuing to use his resources to promote these organizations.


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