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Caribbean Tourism Increases, Caribbean Cruise Line Scam Rumors Diminish

March 6, 2013 - Coral Springs, FL

According to Caribbean Cruise Line, scam rumors have persuaded many Americans to stay away from unique travel deals to the tropical destination -- affecting overall tourism rates in the Caribbean. However, a recent article from Caribbean 360 notes that visitation to the warm region has actually increased. In the article, Hugh Riley, Secretary General of the Barbados-based Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), states, "There are clear signs that our performance in the U.S., our region's main source market, is improving, with arrival numbers up by 5.3 per cent." With such a notable spike in tourism, Caribbean Cruise Line believes that many American travelers are starting to realize how to avoid vacation scams and are enjoying the benefits of choice locations, such as the Grand Lucayan Resort.

While the arrivals from the United States of America are looking positive for the future tourism rates in the Caribbean, the article expresses some concern over tourism from other regions. Based upon the Air Passenger Duty, a British environmental tax established in 1994, many UK residents have avoided travel to the Caribbean in order to stave off hefty fees designed to balance out carbon footprint effects of air travel. Although these factors continue to dissuade other citizens of the world from enjoying the Caribbean, Caribbean Cruise Line notes that these conditions only make the travel opportunity more unique for American citizens.

In recent years, false propagations of a "Caribbean Cruise Line Scam" have dissuaded many from taking advantage of the travel company's comparably inexpensive deals that allow vacationers to escape to the Caribbean in style. In a recent press statement, the travel company explains, "While travel to the Caribbean may prove costly and inconvenient for some citizens, those who live within the United States are able to experience this unique opportunity at a low cost. Despite the false rumors behind a 'Caribbean Cruise Line Scam,' this company continues to deliver top-notch travel that allows patrons to relax on-board a fully-equipped vessel and disembark at one of the greatest places in the Bahamas -- the Grand Lucayan Resort."

According to the article, despite the setbacks posed by foreign countries' travel regulations, the Caribbean is positioned to advance as a leader in the tourist industry. In fact, in the article, Riley states, "We at the CTO have been energized by our new vision 'to position the Caribbean as the most desirable, year round, warm weather destination by 2017.'" With so much progress scheduled to take place in this destination tropical area, Americans looking to embark on a one-of-a-kind experience should take advantage of available deals, before the rest of the world is able to access this location with greater ease. Despite the false rumors of a "Caribbean Cruise Line Scam," this high-quality travel accommodation company continues to supply U.S. residents with great cruise deals that can allow eager tourists to take to the sea in comfort.


Caribbean Cruise Line, scam prevention advocate, strives to deliver affordable, high-quality vacation experiences for eager American travelers. Top-notch destinations, relaxing accommodations, fun activities and beautiful sights are all things experienced by customers of Caribbean Cruise Line. Scams in the travel industry, however, have prevented many travelers from pursuing cruise vacations. As such, the Caribbean Cruise Line Scam Watch strives to create a safer, more enjoyable and secure travel experience for its passengers who embark to locations such as the Grand Lucayan Resort in the Bahamas.


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