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CLOSERS WANTED: Reputation Changer Seeks Top-Shelf Sales Talent at Philadelphia Open House

March 5, 2013 - NEW YORK, NY

In a still-struggling economy, Reputation Changer is hiring at a faster rate than any other company in its industry -- and in the immediate future, the company intends to add 25 new employees to its Philadelphia sales office. Rated by TopSEOs as the #1 online reputation management company in the world, Reputation Changer is experiencing a season of surging growth -- growth it plans to continue through a recruitment open house, to be held in Philadelphia on March 14.

According to the company's President Michael Zammuto, Reputation Changer's peerless corporate growth is one reason among many to consider joining the company's sales force. " is currently experiencing exponential growth; we grew by 600 percent last year, and plan to surpass the 1000 percent mark in 2013," Zammuto explains. "Now, we are growing our sales force by 25 people. This is the kind of fast-growth company at which long and prosperous careers are launched."

Indeed, Reputation Changer is seeking to help at least 25 local Philadelphia sales pros launch sales careers in the ever-burgeoning field of online reputation management -- a field that offers considerable stability and promise for continued expansion, Zammuto says. "The online reputation management field is exploding, in large part due to increased public awareness of just how critical your online reputation is to every facet of your life," he explains. "Political figures, celebrities, companies large and small, even private citizens need a boost in enhancing their online image, and removing unwanted or undesirable listings from Google and Bing -- which is exactly what drives them to Reputation Changer."

Zammuto also notes that companies like are taking more and more market share away from SEO and online brand enhancement companies -- companies that dabble in reputation management, but do not offer the comprehensive solutions or innovative technologies of Reputation Changer.

As for the new sales positions Reputation Changer is opening up, Zammuto says the company offers one particularly enticing advantage to aspiring sales professionals -- namely, the absence of an outbound marketing program. "There is no outbound marketing program on the sales floor, which means that our sales representatives never make cold calls," Zammuto affirms. "There is massively high demand for what Reputation Changer offers -- namely, the chance at a clean and positive online reputation. As such, we are constantly inundated with requests and expressions of interest from celebrities, public figures, business owners, colleges, universities, and government bodies. The members of our sales team all receive hot, inbound leads -- that is, potential clients who have already expressed a keen interest in what we do and what we offer."

In addition to the inbound leads and the chance to work for an expanding company in an up-and-coming industry, Reputation Changer's sales representatives also receive competitive payment. "The representatives who work in our newly-opened Philadelphia sales office make, on average, $125 thousand each year, if not more," Zammuto comments.

Because Reputation Changer's sales positions are so competitive, Zammuto says that only natural-born sellers, with skill and experience, need apply. "We are looking for closers -- for committed and hard-working additions to our sales floor," Zammuto says. "Come prepared with your resume, with references, and with plenty of enthusiasm."

To help fill its 25 new sales positions, Reputation Changer is hosting an open house on March 14, at 6:00 PM. The event is to take place at the company's sales office, located at 600 Chestnut Street, Suite 756, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19106. Reputation Changer invites any aspiring sales professionals who are zealous to work with the top-rated, fastest-growing company in the online reputation management industry. To add your name to the list please contact


Reputation Changer was developed in 2009, and since then it has grown in stature and esteem, ultimately becoming the leading online reputation management company in the world. Heralded by TopSEOs as the #1 company of its kind, is known for its standard-setting practices and innovations in the field of online reputation monitoring and repair. Reputation Changer was founded by an elite team of direct response marketers, and today, its team includes content marketing professionals, social media gurus, SEO experts, and account executives. Reputation Changer is led by President Michael Zammuto, and offers its diverse array of services to Fortune 500 brands, small businesses, colleges, universities, government bodies, medical and dental practices, legal firms, celebrities, public officials, private citizens, and more.


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