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AppGyver Launches Prototyper Beta, a Full Toolset for Building Functional Mobile App Previews

March 6, 2013 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA

AppGyver (, a provider of innovative mobile app SDK tools for both novice and experienced technology entrepreneurs, today announced that it is opening the beta of the first product aimed at mobile app makers, Prototyper. Prototyper allows anyone, even with limited technical knowledge, to build a full prototype version of their app that can be tested and demoed without having to use provisioning, third-party installations, or the official app store environment. Converting existing mockups into functioning prototypes, instead of starting from scratch with wireframing tools, Prototyper is a key time-saving resource during build cycles, when every second of development time is crucial.

Easy how-to video here:

"We feel that it is now time to take the training wheels off Prototyper and offer it as a fully hatched product to the mobile developer community," said AppGyver CEO and founder Marko Lehtimaki. "App stores are the home of the end user, and they should be exposed to the best and final iterations of mobile application products, not the first or second. AppGyver creates the first true framework for testing and exploring apps as they actually function on a device once users have downloaded it, without the need for a complicated provisioning process or installing multiple installation profiles on a mobile device."

With Prototyper, anyone can turn an idea, app mockups and wireframes into a fully interactive prototype with the real look and feel of their app in just a matter of minutes and with no requirement of any app programming knowledge. Prototyper captures the real look and feel of the app, making UI design and testing more powerful, and adds such common mobile features as a camera or media and barcode scanner.

"We expect that this will streamline many parts of the app development process for our developer base and exponentially shorten the go-to market time, putting better built and better looking apps in more users' hands more quickly. Prototyper is not only an essential QA tool for developers, it also allows any beta tester to experience the full look and feel of an app in a way that PowerPoint demonstrations or video walkthroughs simply can't," added Lehtimaki.

While in private beta, AppGyver's Prototyper has already helped some of the biggest names in app development iterate on their ideas quickly into a full-blown, working app prototype while also providing an unmatched way of demonstrating the full capabilities of these apps for prospective adopters and investors. Among AppGyver's clients is BetterDoctor, a doctor search engine that launched its first app for the iPhone last month. A little more than a week ago, the app reached #1 on the App Store's rankings for medical apps.

"Prototyper has radically changed the way we iterate our mobile application designs at BetterDoctor. We can test out new ideas literally in minutes. It's very powerful," said Ari Tulla, CEO and co-founder of BetterDoctor, and an AppGyver advisor. "During our recent investment round, Prototyper was also an important communication tool."

"Prototyper enabled TBWA\Helsinki to create quick prototypes with a high-end look and feel. This allowed us to give presentations for major clients really efficiently, without having to use the invaluable time of mobile developers. This feels like the way prototypes should have always been done," said Juhana Hokkanen, Senior Digital Producer at TBWA\Helsinki, a Finnish marketing agency.

Prototyper is just the first of many SDK products that AppGyver will be publicly rolling out to the mobile developer community in the next year. For more information about AppGyver's Prototyper, or to build your own app prototype in mere minutes, please visit and register at

About AppGyver
AppGyver offers the most complete toolset for mobile developers to quickly build, test, preview and deploy fully functioning versions of their applications in real time and with little to no technical knowledge. AppGyver's first SDK product is Prototyper, a provision-free tool to easily turn mockups or wireframes into a completely functional mobile app suitable for testing or demoing. For more information, please visit

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