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21CT President Dr. Fred Chang Provides Congress With Expert Testimony on Cyber Security

April 9, 2013 - Austin, TX

As cyber attacks become more frequent, more damaging, and more public, the issue of cyber security is now more important than ever. In late February, the U.S. House of Representatives Science, Space and Technology Committee, held a joint hearing involving the Subcommittee on Technology and the Subcommittee on Research on 'Cyber R&D Challenges and Solutions.' The hearing called upon three of the nation's top cyber security experts to testify and provide their thinking, including Dr. Fred Chang, President and COO of 21CT, a leading provider of investigative analytics and pattern detection solutions.

Developing a Science of Cyber Security
As a recognized authority in cyber security and former Director of Research at NSA, Dr. Chang came to the hearing with a comprehensive security background. And during the testimony Dr. Chang immediately cautioned the committee concerning the "dark cloud of security" hanging over cyberspace.

"I don't have to tell you we are under attack in cyberspace," Dr. Chang testified, "those of us in the field of security have known about it for some time now, but now the problem has broadened and deepened in scope." Dr. Chang continued, telling the committee that the cyber security industry has a history of being reactive and after-the-fact, noting, "we wait for something bad to happen, and then we respond. We lack the fundamental scientific understanding of causes, of solutions, and of countermeasures. Science uses words like evidence, metrics, repeatability, and predictability. In cyber security, these words are not used often enough."

The Committee heard more from Dr. Chang on the "Science of Cyber Security," a topic he has been discussing for many years and believes would make a dent in the problems now facing cyber security. Dr. Chang testified that scientific rigor must be incorporated into cyber security, including taking a broad, interdisciplinary approach that correlates ideas from, for example, computer science, economics, psychology, and, biology, to provide unique insights into solving the many difficult problems posed now and into the future in cyber security.

To read more from Fred Chang on the Science of Cyber Security:

The Committee also heard from Terry Benzel, deputy director for the Computer Networks Division at USC's Information Sciences Institute and Michael Barrett, chief security officer for PayPal. The archived version of the full hearing is available for download.

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