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1Wealth Trading Offers Advice on Dealing With Uncertain Stock Markets

March 6, 2013 - Sydney, Australia

According to the stock market veterans at 1Wealth Trading, market uncertainty is hardly anything new, but it has particularly affected stock market investors in recent years. The company points to a recent MSN Money article to illustrate this point. According to MSN, there have been numerous factors to produce global tumult and financial uncertainty in recent years, despite a few very positive happenings, such as the S&P 500 posting 13 percent gains in 2012. The MSN Money article goes on to cite a few strategies that stock market investors might employ when seeking to contend with uncertainties; these strategies have won a comment from 1Wealth Trading.

1Wealth Trading is an international stock market investment company, known for both its winning strategies and its innovative use of technology. The 1Wealth Trading program allows investors to effectively manage their portfolios, in just a few minutes each day. The company has weighed in on the MSN Money article with a statement to the press.

"People talk about this period of uncertainty that we have experienced over the last few years, but for 1Wealth and our clients it really has been business as usual," says the company's press statement. "As far as we're concerned the stock market is always uncertain. We analyze stocks on an individual basis and provide buy alerts that won't be affected by overall market performance."

The company goes on to cite its own performance throughout this season of financial uncertainty. "Over the last four years, 1Wealth Trading clients have posted record returns, so we know the strategy works," the company notes. "Certainly, if you are a long term investor you must factor in general market sentiment, but if you're just holding stocks for a week or two then you can spend less energy predicting the S&P and AllOrds, and focus more on finding that one stock ready to increase."

The company continues with a brief note about long-term versus short-term strategies, and how they relate to market uncertainties. "There is this misconception that short term trading is riskier than long term investing, but we find it a lot easier to predict what a stock will do next week rather than next year," the company notes.

As for the MSN Money article, it recommends that investors hedge against uncertain market fluctuations by sticking with familiar stocks; and, by using strategies such as the covered call to make up for downward movement.

The 1Wealth Trading program is available to stock market investors all over the world, and provides access to the leading international markets.


1Wealth Trading is a program designed to offer maximum accuracy and efficiency to corporate and individual stock traders. The company began as a small stock trading firm, but it has blossomed into an international company, with its headquarters in Australia but offices spread across countries all over the world. The mission of 1Wealth Trading is to provide investors with the technological tools and financial strategies they need to generate consistent stock market revenues, and ultimately to generate lifelong wealth.


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