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Yahoo files patent applications for e-book advert system

April 10, 2012 - London

Internet firm Yahoo has filed applications for two different patents aimed at serving customers advertisements within e-books.

The company, in its patent applications filed at the offices for Trademarks and Patents in the US, said that ads for digital book readers have been 'less than optimal' to date.

The filings suggested that users could be offered titles at a variety of prices depending on the ads' prominence, The BBC reports.

It suggested that consumers could be offered ads as hyperlinks based within the book's text, in-laid text or even 'dynamic content' such as video.

"Greater levels of advertising, which may be more valuable to an advertiser and potentially more distracting to an e-book reader, may warrant higher discounts," the application stated.

According to the report, the firm also suggested that ads could be linked to the mood or emotional state the reader is in as they progress through a title.

For example, they say if characters fall in love or show affection during a chapter, then ads for flowers or entertainment could be triggered.

Presently, several Amazon and Kobo e-book readers offer full-screen adverts when the device is switched off and show smaller ads on their menu screens, but the main text of the titles remains free of marketing.

According to the report, the move could boost shrinking revenues of Yahoo that does not currently provide ads to these devices.


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