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Why HR Should be More Business-Centric

October 4, 2012 - New York

Human Resources (HR) has become so specialized and focused on keeping up with technology, that it now struggles managing itself, according to Andrew Gadomski, Founder, Aspen Advisors. General management practices are missing from HR, he adds.

From a consulting company at the upcoming marcus evans HR Technology Summit 2012, in Las Vegas, Nevada, November 12-13, Gadomski highlights the missing components in the HR function today.

- What is missing from the HR function? How can HR become more strategic?

It is not necessarily new as much as forgotten. HR has become so specialized and focused on keeping up with technologies that it now struggles managing itself. HR has a hard time looking at strategy, innovation and leadership. General management practices are not thought of as much anymore.

With fewer people performing the same jobs today, there is more accountability on all leaders. HR leaders also have to make business decisions. Not only should they speak the language of business, but also incorporate business mechanics into their function. They have to think about the sales process within HR, how to sell and market the services back to the business, and the technology and procurement structure of the business.

- From an HR Information Technology perspective, how can it gain back what it has lost?

HR directors need to start using technologies that allow them to gain the insight that is needed to make strategic decisions. They need to have data on what is going on in the business, to simulate, forecast and track performance on a regular basis.

We keep track of employee performance, but most systems are not designed the same way that warehouse management systems or sales systems are designed, which allow forecasts on inventory performance and trending. That is what HR technologies need to do. They need to allow for general management to happen, for decisions to be based on a lot of data and some intuition, instead of the other way around.

- With the availability of quality talent in decline, how could HR use technology to acquire and retain talent?

It is not only in the acquisition and retention of employees that technology must be used, but also in employee development. HR is so concerned about getting people and keeping them, that it forgets about developing them with the skills they need.

Where HR technology can help is in identifying the skills gaps in the applicant tracking system, to make sure to leverage them. HR has to focus more on the mechanics of each job, to identify how they can be developed in people. That data will also help forecast those accepting development and executing tasks using the new skills.

HR technology that allows for this insight to happen is now available, but we are missing some of the leadership and analysis skills within HR to really execute the systems that can do it.

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