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UWCCorp Scam Debunked as Company Shifts Focus to Social Marketing

June 26, 2012 - PHOENIX, AZ

DIY social marketing campaigns are all the rage among small business owners, but when compared with the results offered by professional social marketing strategies, they may not be worth the effort. That is the central premise of a new article from Fast Company, which notes that the majority of small business marketing campaigns are self-taught -- and that, by refusing to enlist the services of a professional marketing firm, these small businesses are ultimately doing themselves a disservice. A company called UWCCorp is seeking to debunk that claim, however, with a new set of educational services, aimed at teaching small business owners the central tents of effective social marketing.

The company is also seeking to debunk claims of a "UWCCorp scam," which has hounded the company virtually since its inception. While the rumors of a UWCCorp scam persist, the company is quick to point out that they are unfounded. Rather than spend a great deal of time and effort refuting the UWCCorp scam claims, however, the company is focusing simply on offering the most useful and effective services possible.

The company is known for providing online tutorials, aimed at teaching small business owners to implement digital marketing technology strategically and cost-effectively. The company's online tutorials have long included HTML and Web design classes, as well as courses centered on blogging, e-mail marketing, affiliate marketing, and more.

As social marketing continues to gain prominence, however, the company is focusing its newest batch of classes on the effective use of Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ as marketing tools.

As with all of the company's tutorials, these new UWCCorp classes are targeted at small business owners, specifically. The company makes its classes available as online videos, which small business owners can watch on their own time, and at their own pace. Additionally, these new social marketing classes are simply focused on how small business owners can increase brand awareness -- and ultimately increase sales -- as efficiently as possible, through the savvy use of social networking.

Ultimately, the company's zeal is not just for debunking the UWCCorp scam reports, but also the notion that amateur social marketing campaigns are ineffective. The company's belief is that, with the proper education, any small business owners can ultimately develop a professional-grade social marketing campaign.


UWCCorp is an Internet-based educational program that offers a series of learning sessions, all tailored to the needs of online entrepreneurs. These sessions promote skills that will assist these entrepreneurs in building and promoting their websites, and ultimately enhancing the visibility of their brands. The courses that UWCCorp offers cover a variety of topics, ranging from social media marketing to HTML. Some of these courses include: blogging, Google AdWords, SEO marketing, pay-per-click marketing, eBay marketing, and more. UWCCorp reviews stress the fact that the company's tutorial services are beginner-friendly, accessible even to marketing novices.

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