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UWCCorp Scam: Company Debunks Rumors, Offers Insight Into New Facebook Marketing Features

March 20, 2012 - PHOENIX, AZ

At the tail end of 2011, Facebook unveiled a new "Timeline" layout, allowing individual users to change their profiles to reflect a new, more image-heavy design. The Timeline features proved so successful that the social network quickly unveiled plans to offer brand pages the same new layout. While corporate Facebook users have had the option of switching to the Timeline profile for weeks now, the company has announced plans to transition all brand pages to the new design by the end of March. This new layout offers brands an array of new marketing features, but it also offers a chance to debunk the rumors of a "UWCCorp Scam."

The company has recently received some bad publicity, largely centered on the accusation of a so-called "UWCCorp Scam." Rather than refute the charges directly, and thereby lend them some credence, has instead opted to debunk them simply by renewing its focus on providing high-quality training services. As part of that endeavor, UWCCorp has unveiled a new series of Web-based tutorials pertaining to the new Facebook brand pages.

Indeed, UWCCorp claims that this new Facebook design, while complex and initially confusing, is ultimately a boon for small businesses. Facebook's new look gives companies some basic opportunities for branding themselves, including not one but two custom image areas. Brands can now choose both a profile picture and a "cover" photo, which appears as a banner across the top of the page. Choosing images that work together and create a unified corporate message is one of many marketing skills emphasized by

But some of what the new Facebook offers is more technical. For instance, the new brand pages allow companies to stage their own contests, something that might prove daunting to business owners without the proper training., meanwhile, offers business owners simple and easy-to-follow training modules, including courses on effectively implementing Facebook's new technology.

Contrary to what charges of a "UWCCorp Scam" might suggest, the company has actually grown to be beloved by many small business owners. offers a variety of Web-based tutorial programs, including comprehensive overviews of Twitter and Google+ marketing strategies. The training offered by is designed with small business owners in mind, and is meant to be useful even for clients who have no previous skill or experience in online marketing. The company hopes that business owners will embrace this practical, business-based Web training and ultimately reject the claims of a "UWCCorp Scam."

ABOUT: is an online training system that offers lessons to help Internet entrepreneurs build and promote their websites. The training courses offered by UWCCorp cover a variety of topics, from website customization to social marketing. Additionally, this educational program offers classes in SEO marketing, HTML, blogging, eBay marketing, Google. AdWords, pay-per-click marketing, and more. For further information about the educational offerings of UWCCorp, visit


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