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UWCCorp Reviews: Company Helps Small Business Owners Debunk Social Marketing Myths

June 26, 2012 - PHOENIX, AZ

The Huffington Post recently published a list of five widespread "social marketing myths" -- common assertions about the use of Facebook and Twitter for marketing purposes, which, according to the article, are simply not true. For example, the article notes that many small business owners believe social marketing to be free, when in reality it can prove costly in terms of sheer man-hours. Ultimately, the task of discerning fact from fiction, in the realm of social marketing, is a difficult and daunting task for already-busy small business owners, but a company called UWCCorp is seeking to help.

UWCCorp is a company widely regarded for its zeal in helping small business owners get the most out of Internet technology. Some UWCCorp reviews emphasize the company's training courses in HTML and Web design, for example; other UWCCorp reviews stress the company's instruction in blogging, e-mail marketing, and even affiliate marketing. Most recently, however, the company has turned its attention to social marketing. UWCCorp has unveiled a new series of Web-based tutorials, all of them designed to help small business owners debunk the myths surrounding Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, and ultimately use them as powerful and efficient marketing resources.

UWCCorp's online tutorials have always been designed with the needs of small business owners in mind, and these new social marketing classes are no different. The courses are designed to be quick, easy, and practical. The skills taught are all focused on helping small business owners improve their bottom line, enhancing their brand recognition and bringing in new customers with minimal investments of time or money.

Additionally, UWCCorp's social marketing classes are intended to be easy and accessible to small business owners. Clients can take these classes on their own time, at their own pace, simply by watching the instructional, Web-based videos.

The company is unique for focusing its educational services strictly on small business owners, but it is also unique for its appeal to novices. Indeed, something else that UWCCorp reviews tend to highlight is the fact that the tutorials are very beginner-friendly. The company's desire is to offer practical, technological training that is understandable and useful even for those small business owners who have no prior experience in online marketing.

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UWCCorp is an Internet-based educational program that offers a series of learning sessions, all tailored to the needs of online entrepreneurs. These sessions promote skills that will assist these entrepreneurs in building and promoting their websites, and ultimately enhancing the visibility of their brands. The courses that UWCCorp offers cover a variety of topics, ranging from social media marketing to HTML. Some of these courses include: blogging, Google AdWords, SEO marketing, pay-per-click marketing, eBay marketing, and more. UWCCorp reviews stress the fact that the company's tutorial services are beginner-friendly, accessible even to marketing novices.

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