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Turning over the Traditional Model of Marketing

July 24, 2012 - London

"Marketers have to re-think how messages can be better conveyed to an audience, driving with communication and using marketing tools to enable this," according to Andrew McArthur-Edwards, Chairman, Now Communications Group. Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) have to know exactly who and where the audience is, to work out the journey that will get them to the company's end goal, he adds.

From a sponsor company at the marcus evans CMO Summit 2012 in the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, 26 - 28September, and the CMO Asia Summit 2012 in Macao, China, McArthur-Edwards offers his expertise on communicating messages to consumers in today's complex marketplace.

- Why are CMOs not able to have more control over their brands today, and how can they?

The traditional model of marketing is completely broken, so marketers have to re-think how messages can be better conveyed to an audience. People are having conversations about products and brands, independently of what marketers are doing, and some brands are getting brutalised and canonised in the marketplace.

Marketing has lost control over its brand conversation, however, it is a misconception that it needs to have that power. Instead, it could look at how the stewardship cancontrol that, and how marketing can help make it happen. Today it is about listening to the audience and following the discussions taking place, then using marketing tools to shape that communication through different mechanisms.

- Can you tellus more about these marketing tools and how CMOs can shape communication?

It is a matter of seeing it upside down. Communication first, then using the marketing tools that are available.

CMOs need to clearly identify the audience, look at thedifferent ways that it is in touch with the brand, whether it is through peers or the company's employees, and make sure the message is consistent throughout. First they must establish who and where the audience is, in order to work out the journey that will get them to think and do as marketing wants.

Whilst marketing channels have evolved, people have not evolved in 30,000 years. People's psychology has not changed, but now we have all these new mediums for communicating with them and it is easy to get carried away. It is still about listening to them and looking at where they get their information from. With so many sources for information in the world today, marketing must become far more targeted.

- Are social media the most effective tools for getting messages across?

There has been a hype about social media marketing in the last few years, but until we stop measuring "tweets" and "likes" and take a pragmatic look at the effect on sales and brand image, digital will not be the business as usual it needs to be. Social media is just another way of listening to people. Digital and social media are becoming a relevant part of any communications strategy, but for them to be effective, the strategies have to be completely and utterly aligned with the bigger picture.

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