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Toyota Receives 2012 Japan Mecenat Award

October 4, 2012 - Toyota City

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) has received the Mecenat Award for Supporting Hearts for its efforts under its Kokoro Hakobu Project1 aimed at supporting the revitalization of the Tohoku region in the aftermath the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. The award is in the Grand Mecenat Award section of the Japan Mecenat Awards organized by the Association for Corporate Support of the Arts, Japan.

TMC launched the Kokoro Hakobu Project in June 2011 to send the Tohoku region not only human and material resources, but also "supporting hearts". TMC has rolled out a range of activities to support recovery of the earthquake and tsunami-devastated region, including expanded social contribution activities and reinforcement and support for manufacturing activities.

In addition to making donations to funds and NPOs that support recovery through arts and culture in the disaster-stricken region, TMC, through the Kokoro Hakobu Project, continues to offer support through independently devised programs such as Toyota Community Concerts2 and Toyota Children Meet Artists3.

The Mecenat Award for Supporting Hearts recognizes recovery-support activities notably working with an abundance of compassion. TMC was presented the award for 1) its support activities that began immediately after the earthquake and that were adjusted to reflect the various stages of recovery with an astute understanding of local conditions, and 2) for providing support to artists and arts-based non-profit organizations working with children to compose songs and other activities, thus raising the spirits of people in the disaster-stricken area.

With the aim of providing emotional care to people affected by the disaster, TMC is committed to ongoing, long-term programs that support the recovery of the Tohoku region through art and cultural activities.

The Japan Mecenat Awards

The Association for Corporate Support of the Arts, Japan established the awards in 1991 with aims to raise the level of interest among the general public of efforts to culturally enrich society and local communities and to promote better understanding of companies and corporate foundations which engage in such activities.

The prizes were presented to companies and corporate foundations for activities carried out between April 1, 2011 and March 31, 2012 which were considered outstanding when assessed on the following basic criteria: degree of contribution to raising the level of arts and culture and encouraging their spread through society; creation of local culture; initiative and originality shown by the company or foundation; and innovativeness and potential for development and continuation.

There were 108 entries to the 2012 awards from which outside experts selected the winning companies and foundations. A total of seven prizes were awarded, including the Mecenat Grand Prize, the Commissioner for Cultural Affairs Prize, and a series of prizes titled for the quality to be awarded. This year is the fifth time TMC has received recognition from the Japan Mecenat Awards.

(1) The Japanese words kokoro hakobu mean "to carry (or deliver) one's heart".
(2) Held since 1981 by Toyota Motor Corporation and its Japanese sales companies together with the Federation of Japan Amateur Orchestras Corp., the program endeavors to contribute to the promotion of local culture through music by sponsoring three types of classical music concerts by amateur orchestras in various communities.
(3) Aimed at fostering children's values and aesthetic sense through interactions with artists, the program, conducted in cooperation with the NPO Artist's Studio in a School (ASIAS), has been carried out throughout Japan since 2004.

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