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June 26, 2012 - Oslo, Norway

Since the dawn of the new millennium, small businesses have increasingly had to adjust to the online market. However, twelve years later -- having a simple business website is not enough to sustain success. A new article from Small Business Trends offers seven ways for small business owners to increase their online exposure. Many of the tips involve utilizing social media websites to reach new audiences and remain in contact with valued customers., a Norwegian company specializing in small business promotion, stands by these suggestions and urges entrepreneurs to fully utilize every benefit of online marketing.

One major point suggested throughout the article is to make sure a business is distinct from any other competitor. The author suggests owners pinpoint what makes their store unique and what the market is missing. Through easy-to-understand functionality offered by social media sites, businesses can affordably advertise these unique qualities that may bring in more customers. has helped many small businesses increase their online presence and has become one of the leading professional search engines in Norway. It is committed to connecting businesses with wider customer bases, and says that many companies must take the initiative to interact with online users. The company follows simple logic: if your business is not active online, people will forget about it.

The company responds to the article with this example, "Think of the baker that is able to take pictures of freshly baked bagels or cakes and upload pictures of it on Facebook. If his customers are also his friends on Facebook, or he is connected to a lot of the neighboring companies then he will be able to entice their customers to drop by for a quick snack."

According to the article, small business success is all about being social. It suggests acting as an authority on a subject and to offer continual resources that may educate online users. Another idea is to promote other businesses, forming a unique network of support that may help business owners in the future. recognizes that many online users look at social media as a way to interact privately and personally with friends, but not as a way to interact on a professional level.

By combining the two elements, the company has offered many resources to its clients to help develop natural and organic business. The company adds that while these efforts may not deliver immediate results, they will build customer relationships that last and expand over time.

ABOUT: helps small businesses in Norway increase exposure through online marketing techniques. The company offers a variety of services that includes search engine placement to ensure maximum ROI. The professional team at is well aware of the most visited sites, and utilizes this knowledge to increase online presence for local companies. Every week, the website's search portal gets over 70,000 hits, making it Norway's fastest-growing professional search engine. In addition, clients can expect quality service and user-friendly solutions.

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