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Take Control of Your Medical Condition With Weight Reversal Counseling and Diet Changes From MRC America

September 24, 2012 - Colorado Springs, CO

Medical Restoration Centers of America (MRCA), a leading medical clinic devoted to helping individuals accomplish their weight loss goals, offers numerous methods to reverse diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure, as well as helping patients get off of dangerous medications. The professionals at MRCA's Colorado Springs medical clinic utilize effective and unconventional physical and cognitive techniques to offer alternatives to excessive prescription medication regimens.

MRCA's unique approach to disease and weight reversal, according to Dr. Anthony Staulonis, the facility's primary physician, is to "build on traditional physician's practices, but with a more open mind."

The staff embraces the idea of a multi-faceted method to handling every patient's specific condition in order to provide them with the best medical care possible.

One of the many services MRCA is proud to offer is Weight Reversal Counseling, a cognitive-behavioral program in which the patient is taught a new way to think about weight loss to ensure that their lifestyle will continuously improve and any diet changes made will be consistent. The trained staff believes that most illnesses can be avoided or reversed simply through behavioral changes and nutritional therapies; heavy doses of expensive medications are unnecessary and ultimately harmful.

"The goal is the overall health and wellness of every patient, and to teach them how to continue thriving in the future," Staulonis adds.

Life can get hectic for everyone, and MRCA understands that while individuals may desire a weight reversal program, they might not feel they have the time. Without even being present at the Colorado Springs medical clinic, individuals seeking guidance can complete their regimens with MRCA over the phone, a method which one study proves to be highly popular for patients suffering from depression. The study showed that patients were more likely to stay in therapy if they chose to conduct their sessions over the phone rather than meeting with a therapist in person.

In person or over the phone, the counselors at MRC America cater to their patients, devising plans to combat emotional eating and depression, promoting diet changes and exercise, as well as curbing unhealthy habits. Whether it is to reverse a current medical condition or simply to curtail obesity and gain more energy, Medical Restoration Centers of America, formerly known as Wellness Restoration Centers, will find the right program for you. The professionals at the Colorado Springs, CO medical clinic specialize in treating weight related diseases and can be contacted at 1-888-943-2189, or by visiting for more tips and information.

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