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Roto-Rooter Denver Applauds Maintenance and Plumbing Crews for Post-Sandy Service

December 10, 2012 - DENVER, CO

As many residents on the East Coast face severe damage caused by Superstorm Sandy, many professionals are working to restore communities. A recent article from The Washington Post reveals that D.C. area plumbers and electricians have seen up to 40 percent increases in business due to post-storm issues. Roto-Rooter Denver notes that this is also the case for other cities widely affected by Sandy, especially those in New York and New Jersey neighborhoods.

Referencing the recent work of Alexandria, Virginia-based service company, John C. Flood, the article states, "Electricians and plumbers have been working 16-hour shifts this week, and many are on their third pair of boots in as many days. But even with all hands on deck, [the] company is struggling to keep pace with an influx of calls from homeowners and business owners because of Hurricane Sandy."

Noting the need for continual services brought on by Superstorm Sandy, Roto-Rooter Denver comments in a recent press statement, "The actions of East Coast plumbers, electricians and other maintenance professionals is highly respected by us out West. These professionals have recognized the importance of providing quality service and are doing so around-the-clock. As a plumbing company that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Roto-Rooter Denver commends this level of dedication."

While plumbing professionals may have the skills and resources to fix many of these issues, Roto-Rooter Denver notes that it is crucial for residents to stay involved in repair work as well. As the article notes, many individuals have called local plumbers seeking sump pumps to remove flood water. Roto-Rooter Denver explains that sump systems are necessary to have in place before emergencies occur -- even if flooding is not typical -- as the results of Sandy have proven. The company also urges residents affected by plumbing emergencies to stay resourceful and practice water conservation efforts, as to maintain health in communities.

Although Roto-Rooter Denver's customer base was not affected by this storm, the company maintains its dedication to help residents and property owners when needed. In its press statement the company concludes, "Roto-Rooter Denver plumbing technicians share the passion of these plumbers working to resolve Sandy damage -- many of whom work for Roto-Rooter locations in New York and New Jersey. Whenever individuals face indoor and outdoor plumbing emergencies, Roto-Rooter is ready to serve, resolve problems and educate consumers on how to prepare for such incidents."


Roto-Rooter Denver is a proud member of the largest plumbing repair and sewer and drain services company in North America. Since 1935, Roto-Rooter has remained committed to providing superior plumbing services to homeowners and businesses alike, utilizing innovative technology and high-level knowledge of plumbing and construction. The company is proud to offer an array of services to its Atlanta customers, and to give each client the peace of mind that all plumbing maintenance and repair issues are being handled professionally and expediently.


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