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Regal Cigs Offers Safe Smoking Alternative

August 2, 2012 - NEW YORK, NY

Over the course of recent decades the media has always made a case out of smoking cigarettes; there were times when smoking was cool, and other times considered a disgusting and toxic act. Legislation has since advanced as a response to the health concerns of citizens, and today virtually everyone is aware that smoking cigarettes leads to a variety of medical problems. While people continue to struggle with smoking addictions, a new product known as the electronic cigarette has entered the market and is gaining the attention of the public. According to a recent article in The San Francisco Chronicle, while many companies have made claims regarding the new product, consumers are now promoting the electric cigarette as well. Regal Cigs, producer of the Regal E-Cig, is excited by this revolution and markets its products as a safe smoking alternative.

The article notes that electronic cigarettes resemble a tobacco cigarette; a slender stick with a lit tip that operates by the standard "puffing" method. However, e-cigs are a completely different mechanism -- powered by a small battery, the devices heat up nicotine cartridges that produce a non-toxic nicotine vapor. One Regal Cigs spokesperson states, "The innovation has proven itself worthy since e-cigs can be smoked anywhere, will not stain your teeth and do not produce secondhand smoke."

However, even though the technology is there and the benefits are apparent, consumers are still on the fence about changing over to a new smoking device. Like any product, its success depends on the way it is branded. According to the article, even actress Katherine Heigl appeared on the David Letterman show to promote the product. Heigl stated, "You blow out water vapor so you're not harming anyone around you and you're not harming yourself. I'm essentially humidifying the space."

"Heigl's commentary was monumental in the promotion of every electronic cigarette company, but now companies have to show how good their customer service is," says the Regal Cigs spokesperson. While there are several electronic cigarette products on the market, some companies may not be able to handle the high volumes of unprecedented demand. The spokesperson continues, "Regal Cigs has planned for new customer demand and that is why we offer a guaranteed Starter Kit -- it lets people see if the product lives up to the hype and at no risk."


Regal Cigs produces and distributes electronic smokeless cigarettes that feature some of the most advanced technology in the industry. Many customers enjoy how simple and affordable the products are. The company is committed to informing smokers about the benefits of vapor cigarettes. While the products are free of harmful toxins found in traditional cigarettes, they are available in a wide variety of flavors. Regal Cigs are great for use no matter what the atmosphere, as they are stylish and safe at the same time.

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