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Patent Assistance Worldwide Extends Legal Aid to Inventors as Facebook, Yahoo Feud

April 4, 2012 - MIAMI, FL

With major membership milestones and its highly-touted IPO, Facebook has already had an eventful 2012 -- but not all of the social network's happenings have been positive. CNN reports that the company has been served with a major lawsuit from another Internet giant, Yahoo. The report goes on to speculate that more legal "headaches" could be on the horizon for Facebook, many of them patent-related. According to the experts at Patent Assistance Worldwide, Facebook's predicament just goes to show how cumbersome patent law can be, and how necessary the right legal aid really is.

In the lawsuit, Yahoo alleges that Facebook has infringed on ten of its patents. These patents cover everything from online messaging to social commenting, even the display of advertisements. CNN's report characterizes the Yahoo lawsuit as inevitable, noting that success in any technology-related field tends to bring lawsuits just like this one.

The professionals at Patent Assistance Worldwide agree. Mark Fallows, the spokesperson for the company, says, "Technology-related fields are particularly contentious when it comes to patent law, simply because issues of origination and ownership are so tricky to fully prove." Fallows goes on to say that while the Facebook-Yahoo feud is unsurprising, it is also instructive, especially to inventors on a smaller scale. "These companies have massive legal teams, but for lone inventors, it can prove more daunting to see that intellectual property law is upheld," he confirms.

Fallows' company, Patent Assistance Worldwide, is not a legal firm, but is rather a "clearinghouse" of different patent-related services. Fallows says many inventors come to the company because they need to find a lawyer to help them file for a patent, but cannot afford the high prices charged by more traditional law firms. "Patent Assistance Worldwide is able to get these inventors in touch with patent attorneys who can help them file the necessary paperwork, and protect their rights in other ways, all at a more affordable rate than big law firms offer," he says.

Indeed, while Fallows says his company can help inventors who are in trouble, most of their services simply involve helping these inventors file for their patents. "Ensuring that everything is in good working order on the front end, and that the full extent of the inventor's intellectual property rights is upheld in the patent, is the best way to ward off problems down the road," Fallows concludes.

And his company offers many other services, besides. Patent Assistance Worldwide offers everything from professional illustrations to patent search assistance, research and documentation help, and even licensing negotiation. More information about these services can be found at


Patent Assistance Worldwide is a clearinghouse of services geared toward inventors seeking to protect or market their intellectual property. The company places clients in touch with professional illustrators, patent researchers, and patent attorneys, and typically offers inventors more affordable rates than traditional legal firms can offer. More information about Patent Assistance Worldwide can be found at


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