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ParElastic's Patented Technology Tapped for MySQL Scalability

October 1, 2012 - Waltham, MA

ParElastic, an emerging leader in database innovation, today announced that its ParElastic Database Virtualization Engine™ is now under active beta testing by a number of clients in multiple cloud environments. The patented technology allows users to support workloads that exceed the capabilities of a single database server by making multiple database servers work together as a single virtual database, and provisioning only the resources needed to satisfy the demands of the application at any given instant.

The apparatus for elastic database processing with heterogeneous data application breezed through the patent process; earning ParElastic its first patent in under four months. This compares to an average patent approval period of 34 months.

A recent survey conducted at Velocity 2012 concludes that despite advances in cloud infrastructure, database scalability continues to plague as many as 2/3rd of IT professionals. ParElastic's non-disruptive approach addresses this issue without requiring changes to the code of either the applications built for MySQL or the underlying MySQL servers.

Focused on eliminating the database bottleneck organizations struggle to address, ParElastic has made strong progress as an emerging database leader. Over the summer the company:

  • Was awarded its first patent, # 8,214,356 in under 4 months
  • Enrolled beta clients spanning 3 different public cloud environments as well as on-premise servers
  • Secured an additional $1 million in financing
  • Unveiled a new website, including a new explainer video
  • Added a VP, Sales & Business Development Michael Aubin with a proven track record of growing organizations

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Out of stealth mode, ParElastic is eager to share their approach to database scalability.

About ParElastic
Founded in 2010, ParElastic is led by industry veterans with deep database expertise. Heralding from Object Design and Netezza, co-founders Ken Rugg, CEO, and Amrith Kumar, CTO, understand scalability from years of hands on experience building some of the world's largest and most complex systems. While the market is flooded with database options, Ken and Amrith recognized an underserved operational market that is growing in need, and ripe for adoption of new approaches.

ParElastic's patented technology is the only solution that brings the flexibility of cloud architectures to all dimensions of your database. Leveraging existing MySQL servers ParElastic enables unprecedented adaptability to ever changing workloads and information consumption patterns. The ParElastic Database Virtualization Engine™ dramatically increases flexibility by enabling elastic capacity. Multiple relational database servers operate as one and appear to an application as a single database server seamlessly supporting workloads that exceed the capabilities of a single database server, while only provisioning, consuming, and paying for the resources needed at any given instant. For more information visit: or follow us on twitter @parelastic.

Flex Your Database™, ParElastic Database Virtualization Engine™ and the ParElastic logo are trademarks of ParElastic Corporation. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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