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Online Hosting Network: Affiliate Marketing Transforms Business Opportunities

October 1, 2012 - PHOENIX, AZ

For businesses that manufacture and sell products, one of the most important factors of their success is how they reach consumers. According to a recent article from The Guardian, it has become increasingly difficult for companies, especially small ones, to introduce their products into traditional retail spaces, such as supermarkets or department stores. It notes that this challenge has led many businesses to seek out affiliate marketing -- a direct marketing practice that utilizes online resources -- in an effort to expand sales in an effective manner. Online Hosting Network is one company that helps individuals prepare themselves for affiliate marketing. Specializing in online instruction, the company notes that while affiliate marketing is an excellent career opportunity for many, it is also a solid way for businesses to reach new audiences.

According to the article, what draws businesses to affiliate marketing is that the approach is unlike other marketing plans that focus on potential rather than performance. It explains, "The model works by an 'affiliate' pushing visitors of its own website to that of an 'advertiser' -- a business with goods or a service to sell-through recommendations or a web banner advert. If the visitor buys from the advertiser's website within a set time period, often 30 days, the affiliate earns an agreed percentage of that sale."

The article adds that the more connected the affiliates are to target markets, for example through compelling blogs or genuine social networking efforts, the greater the opportunity for products to reach consumers. Online Hosting Network responds in a recent press statement, "Affiliate marketing has transformed immensely as the landscape of online communication has adjusted to growing needs. As more consumers come to trust online retail, more businesses are able to reach out to a wider audience through affiliate marketing practices. In times of economic uncertainty, the practice has also been mutually beneficial to both marketers and advertisers; for affiliates, the practice provides an opportunity to earn supplemental income and businesses can experience the benefits of a low-risk and low-cost marketing plan."

In the article, Mark Haviland, managing director of Rakuten LinkShare UK, reveals, "In the UK market the model is only ever improving with regard to quality control and scale. Very credible brands are now using the model as both advertisers and affiliates, and the transparency of its return on investment should help make it the marketing tactic of choice in the coming years." Online Hosting Network adds that as more companies embrace affiliate marketing, the more refined the practice will become.


Online Hosting Network is a virtual resource that trains individuals in the field of affiliate marketing. In addition to providing access to affiliate offers, Online Hosting Network supplies a customizable affiliate website to its users. Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest growing industries of the last decade, and Online Hosting Network is making this field accessible to people who may not have a strong background in marketing or e-commerce.

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