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Nue Products Shares Diet for Healthy Skin

July 9, 2012 - NEW YORK, NY

When it comes to signs of aging, people will do nearly anything to fight it. In fact some may invest in expensive cosmetic surgery or treatments to thwart signs of aging. Many consumers have turned to a more affordable option -- anti-aging skin care products. A new article from The Huffington Post reveals that this industry is expected to "exceed $114 billion by 2015." The article also highlights another inexpensive option -- increasing a diet of essential foods that help with anti-aging. Nue Products offers further insight into these helpful snacks and encourages consumers to be more aware of the products they ingest and use.

One of the most common foods that the article lists is simple red tomatoes. People eat them everyday, on salads and in sandwiches, but few are aware that the juicy topping can prevent signs of aging caused by the sun. In fact, maintaining protection from the sun is one of the best ways to prevent sun damage that can lead to dark spots, tough skin and wrinkles. In addition to tomatoes, The Huffington Post recommends a regular intake of cantaloupe, pomegranates, kiwis and sweet potatoes for additional protection from UV rays.

While these foods are great for the skin, Nue Products adds that eating a healthy diet does more than boost your skin health; it also prevents damage caused by processed foods. The company states, "A healthy diet packed with anti-oxidants should be a staple for every person's anti-aging regimen. Avoid processed foods packed with sugars and preservatives. These items can damage your skin as much as the sun's harmful UV rays."

The catalog of Nue Products offers skin care treatments that include several natural ingredients that are proven to enhance anti-aging elements. For example, the company uses green tea extracts in its formulas as a way to maintain skin care. According to the article, green tea contains polyphenols that assist in UV ray protection; drinking green tea, or applying it directly to the skin can offer great benefits.

However, Nue Products warns consumers that these foods should not be eaten exclusively. While one may be tempted to embark on a tomatoes-only diet, it is important to keep a diet balanced to maintain skin health. The company concludes, "Another key thing to remember is to mix it up; variety will help ensure you and your skin get the vitamins and minerals you need."


Nue Products creates clinically proven and cruelty-free anti-aging products that are available on the health and beauty market. These products are formulated with essential anti-aging ingredients and, as a result, are able to both diminish current signs of aging and prevent others from emerging. A powerful solution to everyday anti-aging needs, Nue Products offers items that hold the highest possible levels of over the counter anti-aging ingredients.


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