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New Collection of Siri Tips Released

March 16, 2012 - Delray Beach, FL

Dery Books today released Volume 2 of its "Life With Siri" eBook series. The eBook, written by Jodi Dery, is illustrated with over 50 new iPhone screenshots of tips to help people get the most out of Siri. It also contains over 50 screenshots of Siri's funniest answers.

For those who aren't aware of Siri, it is the remarkably perceptive, conversational "personal assistant" on the iPhone 4S.

The eBook is now available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and will soon be available from iTunes and other booksellers. It is priced at $1.99.

While most eBooks are primarily text-based, "Life With Siri" primarily uses screenshots to demonstrate how to most effectively use Siri. Author Jodi Dery states, "Presenting Siri's responses in this illustrative manner -- with maximum use of illustrations and no more text than necessary -- helps people remember the best ways to get the results they want from Siri."

It is no longer necessary to have a Kindle or Nook tablet to read eBooks. There now are many free apps available to read eBooks on a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android devices. provides links to 12 free eBook apps on its home page. The site also includes links to 6 additional eBooks about Siri from other authors, links to more than 40 articles and 20 videos about Siri, and a link to view a 40-page free sample of its Volume 1.

Volume 1 started off with Siri's funniest responses, but Volume 2 focuses primarily on the tips, most of which have not been illustrated elsewhere. All of these subjects are covered in Volume 2:

Anagram Generation
Animal Visualization
Astronomical Facts
Author Identification
Award Winners
Bluetooth Connection
Calendar Calculation
Calorie Calculation
Celebrity Facts
City or State Statistics
Country Statistics
Currency Conversion
Driving Directions
Food Shopping
Friend Location
Gas Prices
Geographic Information
Geographic Properties
Geometric Formulae
Health Statistics and Facts
Historical Facts
Historical Figures
Hospital Location
Inventions and Inventors
iPhone App Launching
Landmark Properties
Life Expectancy
Local Traffic
Locked Out Help
Mac Control
Measurement Conversion
Meteorological Facts
Movie Statistics and Facts
Music Explanation
Music Identification
Occupational Statistics
Parking Lot Location
Phonetic Name Recognition
Phrase Explanation
Presidential Facts
Restaurants by Rating
Scrabble Help
Siri Control from a Distance
Siri Launching by Voice
Siri Text Reading
Space Exploration
Sports Information
State Capitals
Tax Rates
Time Difference
Tip Calculation
Weather Forecasts
ZIP Codes

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