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My Place for Hosting Offers Employment Opportunities for Veterans

June 26, 2012 - PHOENIX, AZ

Veterans face many challenges while overseas and in the middle of combat. However, the battle seems to really begin when they return home. According to a Huffington Post article, veterans are having a tough time finding employment when they come home. Of the unemployed in the United States, more than 12 percent of those people are veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. My Place for Hosting, an educational resource, helps those veterans out of work by teaching them the affiliate marketing skills needed to manage their own business.

Some changes are being made to help veterans get back in the workforce, like the VOW to Hire Heroes Act. This law gives vets the tools and resources they need to stand out to employers, and hopefully, land a job to support their household and pursue their career dreams. However, more still needs to be done for the veterans. Huffington Post columnist and U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand suggested improving the Transition Assistance Program and educational opportunities for veterans and backing the Veterans Skills to Jobs Act.

Although My Place for Hosting commends these suggestions, it does offer tools so veterans can make changes to their employment situation more quickly. With so many people unemployed, civilians and veterans included, more people are turning to affiliate marketing techniques to bring in extra cash. My Place for Hosting specializes in this marketing industry by offering its clients web-based solutions to generate additional income.

Some veterans are not sure what career to pursue when returning home. But My Place for Hosting has a solution to that problem. The affiliate marketing company hosts reputable and growing ecommerce websites for thousands of clients across the world. My Place for Hosting is ideal for veterans wanting to start their own business with an affordable and simple-to-use online web platform.

My Place for Hosting believes that with proper legislation, veterans will have an easier time transitioning in the workforce. But as veterans wait for those changes to take place, they can create their own income by taking advantage of the tools offered by My Place for Hosting. Those tools include a variety of tips and methods designed to help veterans succeed in their startup venture with a strong, effective online presence.

Online marketing offers a unique chance for veterans to make money using the Internet, and My Place for Hosting, wants to get as many military heroes back into the workforce with its educational resources.


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