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April 10, 2012 - St. Petersburg, FL

The influence of social media on the worlds of business and commerce are utterly incalculable, a fact that entrepreneurs and consumers alike would surely agree on. It is common knowledge, for example, that social networks like Facebook and Twitter have radicalized the ways in which businesses promote their products. According to a new report from Business News Daily, however, social media has not only transformed the way products are marketed, but also the ways in which they are purchased. Social networking has ultimately brought great success to online retailers everywhere, including those at online shopping networks like

What the new report reveals is that consumers are increasingly turning to social media to find out about products and services. In ages past, a customer might have turned to a print magazine for a product review, or else gone to "test drive" the product before purchasing. Now, however, more and more shoppers simply read product reviews from their online friends. According to Business News Daily, two-thirds of all online shoppers have read product reviews from their Facebook friends.

But the role of social media is not restricted to its use in sharing product insight. It also allows easy ways for consumers to actually purchase those products. This, according to the article, is the technological revolution that makes retailers so happy -- that three-quarters of those who read the online reviews also click through to purchase the product in question.

While this trend has ultimately been positive for online retailers of all kinds, it is especially helpful for a site like This online shopping network gives consumers access to a wide range of name-brand products, and makes the purchase of those products easy and convenient. Users can find plenty of reviews for these popular products all over the Web, and provides a one-stop shop for purchasing them.

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And the creators of the site are thrilled with the increased intersection of social networking and digital retail. "We have sharpened our skills within the social media space and use Facebook and Twitter to circulate short, entertaining videos that promote the benefits of the Mongo Prepaid debit card reward program and online shopping credit to buy our products," notes spokesperson Greg Bielawski. "The social media markets are a great forum for our customers to promote our brand. It is an exciting time to be in the digital world."

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