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Mila App Transforms a Smartphone Into an Online Office, Connecting Small Businesses and the Self-Employed to the Global Marketplace

October 1, 2012 - Zurich, Switzerland

Globalization, digitalization, global interconnectedness: until now it was something only large, corporate players could benefit from. Mila, a new business app, changes everything by democratizing the advantages of digital interconnectedness and putting them into the hands of the self-employed and small businesses (SMEs). Anyone with a smartphone can now enter the global market via the internet. How? Mila is the first app to link Cloud Computing, Social Media and Web Semantics, the Web 3.0.

Whether you are a cleaning company, catering firm, chocolate manufacturer or self-employed IT consultant: once your industry, profile and offer are placed on the web via Mila, the app starts to search social media for clients and potential business partners -- and makes a connection.

You once needed your own URL and website, as well as business cards, brochures, and an office address to present your company to the global marketplace. All of this guaranteed ongoing operating costs, but not a single client. Many were kept from setting up their own company, and existing companies were kept from expanding beyond their borders.

Everything changes with Mila: You download the app from Apple's App Store, Google Play or the App Store of your smartphone telecom provider. With the help of templates, you produce a profile of your company complete with logo and photos. Mila puts it all on the web immediately, creating your own web presence -- already optimized for Google and other search engines. No need to buy a URL, no need to hire a web designer, or to pay for webhosting, servers or SEO. All this is done by Mila.

Mila not only provides an online presence, it also helps find customers. When Mila -- while searching posts on twitter, facebook & co -- comes across a possible match for your product or service, you will be notified by a message.

When a customer is found, Mila continues to support your sales by providing templates for transactions all of which can be filled in via the touchscreen of your smartphone. No need for a notebook or desktop pc. Paperless invoices will be mailed directly from your smartphone to the client. And Mila does not stop there, receipts of payment are checked automatically and -- if necessary -- Mila will alert you to send a reminder.

"The vision of a truly mobile office has been around for the last ten years. It has only now become a reality. To get there Mila has combined the best of two technologies: cloud computing and web semantics. The device, equipped with an intuitive interface, is needed for access -- everything else happens on the web or in the cloud. No more is there a need to have your own servers, storage space or locally installed tools," says Manuel Grenacher, Head of Mila and CEO of coresystems, the Swiss start-up company that has developed Mila.

"In addition, Mila adds semantic analysis which automatically searches and analyzes web content and matches it to your needs. Mila is a child of Web 3.0 -- a new generation of intelligent, semantic, web-based applications."

Case study: An IT specialist wants to set up his own business to build IT infrastructures for start-up companies. He needs little in the way of an office, since most of the time he will be working on the premises of the client.

How does he best reach out to potential clients? The traditional way by buying ad space, or by creating a homepage, hoping that Google will rank it high enough for potential clients to see it when searching the web?

Or should he reach out to clients the Mila way? Mila replaces the homepage, yet still creates instant online visibility of his company. He only needs to fill in a template and put it online -- directly from his smartphone. Mila then generates leads, administers contacts, sends paperless invoices and tracks payment.

Mila will first be available in seven languages, with more languages to follow. The basic version of Mila is free of charge. In key markets Mila will be available not only from Apple's App Store and Google Play, but also from the app stores of selected telecom providers, such as Swisscom in Switzerland (from their new app store "KMU Business World"), XL Axiata in Indonesia, and China Unicom in China.

Summary of Mila features:

  • Instant online visibility of company profile
  • Automatic sales lead generation
  • Contact management / Instant messaging
  • Administration, presentation, and sales of products and services
  • Paperless, professional invoicing
  • Monitoring of sales receipts

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