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Making Financial Reconstruction Possible After Bankruptcy: The Nation's Largest Bankruptcy Law Firm Educates Consumers on the Variety of Ways to Rebuild Credit After Going Through a Bankruptcy

March 16, 2012 - Chicago, IL

Going through a bankruptcy can be tough, as it means starting over financially and rebuilding everything from scratch. It is that somewhat stark realization that deters many people from filing, even when it may be the best possible option.

The attorneys at Macey Bankruptcy Law, the nation's largest bankruptcy law firm having been helping clients in financial distress for almost two decades and want consumers to know that there are a variety of easy ways to rebuild financial stability after being discharged from bankruptcy.

The first thing Macey Bankruptcy Law advises consumers to do is gain a strong understanding of their spending habits and cut back on the behaviors that led to bankruptcy in the first place. By tracking what income comes in and out each month, consumers can better plan for extraneous purchases and begin rebuilding a savings account again.

The attorneys also remind newly emerged bankruptcy clients to make sure to pay all bills on time, as late payments will surely have a negative credit score impact. They suggest that clients set up automatic payment options after securing a checking account. As long as consumers remember to keep a healthy amount of money in the bank, automatic monthly payments ensure that bills are paid on time and credit can start to be rebuilt.

One last easy tip Macey Bankruptcy law has for anyone looking to improve their credit is to sign up for a secured credit card. Secured credit cards are similar to debit cards in the way that the money available on the card physically exists in the cardholder's account; however, the credit usage is still reported to lenders. Having a secured credit card makes it possible to rebuild credit without the chance of slipping back into debt.

Because Macey Bankruptcy Law has helped guide thousands of clients through bankruptcy, they understand that the post-bankruptcy process can be equally as difficult. The attorneys at the firm are pleased to offer insight on how to rebuild after bankruptcy and also urge anyone currently experiencing financial struggles to consider bankruptcy as an option.

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Macey Bankruptcy Law is a service of Macey & Aleman and has been representing consumer debtors in bankruptcy cases since 1994. Through tireless hard work, dedication to customer service, and commitment to fair and reasonable fees, Macey Bankruptcy law has been able to help thousands of hardworking Americans get the debt relief they need.


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