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Logix9 Affirms New Huffington Post Feature on Prevalence of Social Marketing

April 4, 2012 - PHOENIX, AZ

When it comes to its status in the workplace, technology seems to follow a cycle. The Huffington Post, in a new article about the increased prevalence of social marketing, notes that telephones, e-mail, and mobile technology were all initially feared by employers before ultimately being embraced as vital business tools. Likewise, the article claims that social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, are following a similar trajectory. While big companies initially feared social networking as a time-waster, the technology has grown to be a prevalent marketing component. A company called Logix9 is seeking to ensure that smaller companies can make use of this technology with the same efficacy and ease as larger firms.

The services offered by Logix9 are coming at a perfect time for small business owners, assuming the Huffington article is to be believed. In it, the author notes that social networks are not just changing business marketing procedures, but are in fact radicalizing businesses from the bottom up. Social media, the article claims, is "changing every part of the enterprise, root and branch."

But while large companies with comprehensive IT departments have an easier time implementing this technology, it can seem a daunting task for small companies. Logix9 is a company that seeks to change that. The company is essentially a Web-based training firm, offering online tutorials geared at small business owners. These tutorials, meant to appeal even to the technologically inexperienced, cover such topics as Web design and pay-per-click marketing, but the emphasis is on social media.

What makes Logix9 a popular choice among small business owners, however, is that these training modules are designed precisely with small business owners in mind. This means that each training course is relatively concise, and can be completed from home or from the office. Additionally, the training courses are focused on making profits and improving the business' bottom line, a direct and pragmatic approach that appeals to busy entrepreneurs.

The site was conceived as a way to teach business owners the basics of DIY Web design, but the focus has shifted in recent months to highlight the company's social media offerings. Logix9 provides business owners with pointers on how to most effectively use Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for their marketing purposes.

The Huffington Post article notes that social media's role in the business world is ever changing, and so is the Logix9 training. These courses are updated regularly to provide up-to-date strategies for maximum effect, as well as full instructions for handling the technical side of social marketing.


Logix9 is an online training company that offers instructional services geared toward small business owners. The company provides informational videos that allow users to learn on their own time, according to their own schedule. The curriculum encompasses the basics of web design, e-commerce software, and online marketing. All of the skills learned at Logix9 are geared toward profit generation.


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