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Lexus Marks New Stage with Japan Rollout of New GS Lineup

January 26, 2012 - Tokyo

Lexus is rolling out its new GS lineup by launching nationwide today the newly developed GS 250 with a smart-sized powertrain and the completely redesigned GS 350, to be followed by the completely redesigned GS 450h on March 19. With a passionate desire to mark a new stage for Lexus as Japan's first truly global premium brand, Lexus based creation of the new GS lineup on the three pillars of design, drivability and technology.

1. Design: Advanced and Refined for Instant Recognition as Lexus

The GS features firmly grounded styling imbued with premonitions of driving, as well as the spindle grille that represents the face of the next-generation of Lexus. The advanced and dignified interior was designed with discerning attention to material and detail and is equipped with features such as a high-resolution 12.3-inch wide display-the world's largest in a mass-production vehicle, a second-generation Remote Touch system and the first-ever analogue clock in a Lexus vehicle.

2. Drivability: Driving Exhilaration

The dedicated Lexus platform was completely updated based on cutting-edge technologies accumulated through Lexus' experience with the "LFA" supercar, with an aim to deliver the pleasure of being able to maneuver the vehicle at will. A highly evolved cruising style was refined through well over 1-million km of test-driving at the Nurburgring course in Germany and other roadways worldwide. A choice of four driving modes are provided to suit different driving situations: Eco, Normal, Sport S, and Sport S+.

The "F Sport" versions are equipped with the Lexus Dynamic Handling system (LDH) and inherit the cruising style of the F series of sports vehicles, of which the LFA is the pinnacle.

3. Technology: Advanced and Environmental Hybrid-based Technologies

The "Lexus Hybrid Drive" has undergone further evolution based on a combination of front-engine, rear-wheel-drive hybrid technology with the newly developed 3.5-liter V6 2GR-FXE engine that uses the next-generation D-4S system and the Atkinson cycle. The result is exhilarating acceleration equal to that of a V8 gasoline engine.

Fuel efficiency has been improved by approximately 40% compared to previous models with ratings of 18.2km/L in the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's (MLIT's) JC08 test cycle and 20.5km/L in the MLIT 10-15 test.

Vehicle Outline

Innovative packaging

To realize optimal occupant amenity as a Grand Touring Sedan, the new GS has been heightened 30 mm, while its length has been kept the same. Elsewhere, the tread has been widened by 40 mm in the front and 50 mm in the rear while holding the increase in overall width to 20 mm, allowing both minimization of exterior dimensions and maximization of interior space without the need for compromise.

Reengineering of the driving position and seat functions has realized improved steering ability and a more-correct and less-tiring driver posture. At the same time, attention has been paid to creating maximum rear-seat comfort through improved space, outfitting and seat functions. As the core sedan of the next-generation Lexus brand, the GS series offers exquisite hospitality not only for the driver, but for all occupants.

A review of the lock structure and other details has led to a class-topping maximum 566 liters of space (VDA method) in the trunk. In the hybrid GS 450h, a freer layout achieved thanks to the two-tier arrangement of the compact hybrid battery allows a 50% expansion of space over its predecessor to 482 liters (VDA method), enough to accommodate four golf bags.

Advanced and Refined Design Instantly Recognizable as Lexus


The archetypical spindle grille was developed in pursuit of new possibilities for the L-finesse design philosophy to create the next-generation expression of the Lexus-brand's refined essence and powerful presence.

A total of 11 distinguished body colors are available including "Sonic Silver" and two other newly developed colors based on new painting technology. The premium paint quality boasts a startling depth of color and an elegant sheen, emphasizing the bold sense of presence in the styling.

For the first time on a Lexus, the GS 450h will feature Hi/Lo LED headlamps, allowing for both LED low beams and high beams, adding another advanced feature and achieving superior lighting performance.

L-shaped LED clearance lamps located below the headlamps, part of the Lexus identity, together with the L-shaped LED tail lamps, ensure the visual consistency of the Lexus brand.


A 12.3-inch high-resolution wide display - the world's largest on a mass-production vehicle, a second-generation Remote Touch system with mouse-like interface, and an analog clock - the first on a Lexus - with luminous hands are among the features aligned in pursuit of environmental harmony and sophistication in an interior that is warm and calming.

The GS 450h is fitted with a bamboo steering wheel made with bamboo from Japan's western Kochi Prefecture (version L, I package).

Driving Exhilaration

The adoption of a newly developed suspension is a notable feature of the completely updated platform. Achieving a major evolution in the basic driving performance of running, turning, and stopping, the GS series combines the driving pleasure given by outstanding performance in cornering and other operations with a comfortable and high-quality ride.

The GS 350 is fitted with the 3.5-liter V6 2GR-FSE engine. Carrying over the D-4S but improving the air intake and exhaust system and completely updating the control system provides a ride that is powerful, stress-free and exhilarating.

The GS 250 is fitted with the 2.5-liter V6 4GR-FSE engine. Combined with the 6 Super ECT with its optimized gear ratio, the engine achieves a high-performance balance uniting ample power that belies the vehicle weight with agile handling and an exhilarating acceleration tone.

To improve enjoyment of maneuvering the vehicle at will in response to driver preference and various driving situations, the GS features Eco, Normal, Sport S and Sport S+ driving modes.

The Sport S+ mode, in addition to the powertrain control active in Sport S mode, offers integrated vehicle control that coordinates with chassis control system operation in response to how the vehicle is steered.

F Sport

The F Sport versions feature the newly developed Lexus Dynamic Handling system (LDH), which provides unbeatable cruising stability at high speeds, superior agility at medium speeds, and excellent maneuverability at low speeds.

Equipment includes specially designed 19-inch wheels and a specially tuned suspension. As a fully realized sports version that takes cruising performance of the new GS series to the maximum level, the F Sport versions symbolize the sensually resonant cruising style of the next-generation Lexus.

In addition to the mesh-type spindle grille, special fittings are used for both the interior and exterior to create a design unique to the F Sport that reflects its cruising style.

Hybrid-based Advanced and Environmental Technologies

Hybrid-based Technology

The GS 450h is fitted with the newly developed 3.5-liter V6 2GR-FXE engine with a high compression ratio of 13.0. The 2GR-FXE features both the next-generation D-4S and the use of the Atkinson cycle, which, combined with front-engine, rear-wheel-drive hybrid technology, represents a further evolution of Lexus hybrid vehicles.

The next-generation D-4S adopts a side-slit injector with a shape optimized for in-cylinder injection, realizing higher fuel atomization. The adoption of a new high-pressure pump, together with measures to achieve higher in-cylinder injection pressure and higher flow volumes, promotes greater uniformity and, therefore, stability in the air-fuel mixture for outstanding levels of heat efficiency, realizing high levels of both power and fuel efficiency.

The complete renewal of the power control unit, the improved dedicated hybrid transmission with a two-stage gear change reduction mechanism, and a substantial performance improvement in energy regeneration control contribute to smooth and exhilarating acceleration and a high level of fuel economy.

The new GS 450h realizes fuel efficiency of 18.2 km/L in the MLIT's JC08 test cycle (CO2 exhaust volume: 128 g/km) and 20.5 km/L in the MLIT's 10-15 test cycle (CO2 exhaust volume: 113 g/km). It thus complies with Japan's 2015 fuel efficiency standards, exceeds the 2010 standards by 25%, and achieves the goal of reducing exhaust emission by 75% from 2005 levels.

The GS 450h also features the "Harmonious Driving Navigator" to support effective environment-friendly driving.

Environmental Technology

Kenaf, an annual grass of the mallow family is used in the door trim, contributing to resource conservation. The GS 250's stylized engine cover uses bagasse (a waste material from sugar cane pressing), which contributes both to weight reduction and efficient use of resources.

The materials, processing techniques and adhesives used in interior components have been reviewed to limit the volume of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and lessen unpleasant interior odors.

Development was carried out using Toyota's unique environmental impact assessment system, the Eco-Vehicle Assessment System (Eco-VAS), to efficiently reduce environmental burden. Environmental goals were set from the initial development stage for a balanced reduction of environmental impact.

A lifecycle assessment (LCA) was conducted to help reduce total volume of CO2 and atmospheric pollutants emitted not only at the vehicle utilization stage, but at all stages from production to disposal.

Key Hybrid System Specifications

Model 2GR-FXE
Displacement 3,456 cc
Maximum output 217 kW [295 PS]/6,000 rpm
Maximum torque 356 N-m [36.3 kgf-m]/4,500 rpm

Maximum output 147 kW [200 PS]
Maximum torque 275 N-m [28.0 kgf-m]

Complete system output 256 kW [348 PS]

HV battery Nickel-metal hydride

State-of-the-art Safet

A maximum of 10 Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) airbags are available, including front-seat, dual-stage SRS airbags that open at the optimal speed in relation to the frontal impact force, and front-seat SRS knee airbags that enfold the lower legs and increase the protective effect on the whole body.

A high-strength cabin - the shock-absorbing structure of which spreads load across floor members, doors, pillars, and other components to realize excellent omni-directional collision safety - enhances occupant protection performance.

The body structure is designed to maximize compatibility, a concept that takes into consideration the safety of both vehicles when vehicles of different weights and heights collide. Additionally, the engine hood, fenders, cowl, bumper area and other parts have an impact-absorbing structure that reduces impact on pedestrians' head and legs.

The Pre-crash Safety System is available on all GS models, further increasing the mitigating effect against damage from collision with a vehicle in front. Compared to earlier applications, pre-crash brake activation timing has been quickened and braking force has been increased to substantially reduce collision speed and, thus, achieve outstanding damage-reduction.

On the GS 450h F Sport and GS 350 F Sport (2WD), the LDH controls the angle of the rear wheels, increasing the vehicle's responsiveness to how the steering wheel is used and assisting evasive action.

Starting with the new GS lineup - having achieved superior levels of design, drivability and advanced and environmental technologies - symbolizes Lexus' future direction. Lexus intends to continuously offer products and services that embody its uniqueness as Japan's first truly global premium brand.

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