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Leland Energy: U.S. Energy Attracts Foreign Investments

July 24, 2012 - Henderson, NV

According to CNN, foreign firms have invested almost $6 billion into United States gas and oil drilling initiatives over the course of the last few weeks. Most notably, "energy giants" based in Spain, China, and France have acquired stakes in oil fields located throughout Michigan, Colorado, Ohio, and Mississippi. Stephen M. Thompson, President and CEO of Leland Energy, believes this kind of investment is to be expected, given the nature of the U.S. gas and oil industry and recent global events.

The article asserts that these recent investments have the potential to contribute to the already booming natural gas industry. As a result, natural gas prices may decrease and producers may turn their attention to foreign markets in an effort to fetch a higher price.

Nansen Saleri, the President of Quantum Reservoir Impact, believes that this would benefit the industry -- and the economy as a whole. The article quotes Saleri as saying: "'Of course that will' lead to more exports [...] And it will be a tremendous opportunity."

Leland Energy's President and CEO agrees. Thompson asserts that the U.S. gas and oil industry has attracted many investors because of the ways in which it differs from the industries in other countries.

"Given the state of the world's paper currencies, political instability in so many parts of the world, as well as the current and future pressing need for energy resources, it is not really surprising that foreign investment is strong on U.S. energy," asserts Thompson. "The options to own or control energy here in the U.S. are also easier and much more plentiful than in most other parts of the world as well. Remember, in most parts of the globe, the majority of natural resources are owned and/or controlled by a sovereign or political power structure, whereas here in the U.S. literally anyone can own a piece of the energy pie."

CNN notes that these investments can cause an increase in jobs, add to the tax base, and reduce the country's trade deficit. But the recent boom is about more than simply the ability to invest in energy resources -- it is rooted in the development of improved drilling technology. The article asserts that this technology, including hydraulic fracturing equipment, is what is driving the industry's growth.


Leland Energy is a leading domestic oil and natural gas production organization that has served the industry for over 35 years. Through its premier services, Leland Energy provides ownership, development, and sales of energy-related resources within the United States. Furthermore, Leland Energy is a significant contributor to the efforts to reduce U.S. dependence on foreign oil. The company is dedicated to driving research and development initiatives that assist in the expansion of natural gas in an effort to meet economic and environmental needs.

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