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Leek & Associates: Retirement Planning Encompasses Financial and Personal Preparation

October 1, 2012 - Little Rock, AR

Most American workers know that retirement is, at least in theory, an option for their lives, but that it is not something that happens all on its own. In order to retire, an individual must plan, save, and invest prudently, often under the guidance of a professional retirement planner. According to a recent U.S. News & World Report article, penned by David Ning, retirement planning is more multi-faceted than many individuals realize. There are numerous portfolio options to consider, writes Mr. Ning, but also considerations about health, family dynamics, and more. The article, which urges pre-retirees to look at their eventual retirement from all angles, has merited a comment from Leek & Associates.

Leek & Associates is a public accounting company based in the Little Rock, Arkansas area. The company was founded in 1987 by Stephen Leek, whose vision for the company is to help businesses and individuals alike meet their financial goals through business valuation, accounting, and tax preparation services. Stephen Leek has issued a new press statement in response to the article from Mr. Ning.

"What a wonderful opportunity we have in our work lives, here in the United States, to be able to consider retirement, since in many countries that is not an option," says Stephen Leek in the Leek & Associates press statement. "To have built the financial portfolio needed even to consider retirement is a testament to one's success, and to years of hard work."

Leek goes on to specify some of the different retirement planning considerations mentioned in the article, which include not just financial concerns, but also concerns about living a healthy and satisfying life even post-career. "There are also the less tangible considerations that Mr. Ning has written about here, those that pertain to the sense of fulfillment one has during the retirement years. Giving back to charitable, educational and ecumenical organizations is high on my list, and staying healthy is a something that should become a daily lifestyle choice in those retirement years."

The Leek & Associates founder concludes with some retirement advice of his own. "I would suggest you consider some cash flowing real estate investments to supplement your income from the stock and bond portfolio, and to address the question of a 'Plan B' should your primary retirement investments not work out," writes Leek. "I personally own some real estate investments and have long advised clients on how to evaluate and invest in them. My Risk/Investment Continuum model can help you enhance your plan."


Founded in 1987, Leek & Associates is a professional association of certified public accounting firms, its principals devoted to providing high-quality, efficient, and responsive services to business clients throughout the Little Rock area. The firm has been successful for 25 years, which is due to quality of our clients and the competency of our people. The firm provides services to individuals and to non-profit organizations; its services include personal and business financial advisement, management consultation, business valuation, general accounting, and tax preparation. The company is zealous for helping clients identify and meet their financial goals. Leek & Associates was founded by Stephen Leek of Little Rock.


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