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Kerr & Wagstaffe Weigh In on Hacking Class Action Suit

July 17, 2012 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA

In recent months, computer hacking has compromised the privacy of many consumers who use services from high profile websites that include LinkedIn, eHarmony, Yahoo! and Formspring. Despite the concerns and precautions that these incidents have encouraged, yet another top-level company has encountered a security breach. According to a recent Reuters report, a global security analysis company known as Strategic Forecasting Inc., or Stratfor, suffered a "crippling attack" from a group of hackers. Many Stratfor clients are now part of a class action lawsuit and are waiting on settlement approval from the assigned judge. Kerr & Wagstaffe is an exclusive law firm located in San Francisco. Firm members provide further commentary on the Stratfor case.

Kerr & Wagstaffe, although skilled in several practice areas, has had particular success with class action lawsuits against major companies. In one notable case, the firm's attorneys led a class action lawsuit against 24 Hour Fitness that resulted in a $70 million settlement. While that may seem like a large amount of money to some, Kerr & Wagstaffe maintains that class action suits are essential to protecting the rights of consumers and employees who may have been harmed by a company's lack of care.

According to the article, "One person in the United States and four Irish and British men" were responsible for stealing personal information and exposing it. Clients who had information revealed included Henry Kissinger, Dan Quayle and CIA director Jim Woolsey. Despite the high-level names involved in the case, Stratfor maintains the position that the company was not at fault for the hacker's actions. The settlement set for approval offers "class members who opt in to [the suit] one month of free access to [Stratfor's] service, worth $29.08, and an electronic book published by Stratfor called 'The Blue Book,' priced at $12.99."

For some, the amount may seem miniscule considering the confidential information that was uncovered, but Kerr & Wagstaffe partner, Ivo Labar, explains how common these types of decisions are. He concludes, "This resolution is typical for a class action case. In approving a class action settlement, the court's rule is limited to determining whether the settlement is fair and reasonable, not whether it is the best possible outcome for the class."


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