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Kaufman Trailers Celebrates Manufacturing Industry Boom

October 1, 2012 - Lexington, NC

After years of consistently bad news about the state of the American economy, a new report suggests that some positive headlines could be on the way. According to CNN, the American manufacturing industry is on the verge of a very real boom, one that could potentially bring with it a wealth of new jobs. The report notes that the manufacturing industry, and specifically job creation within it, is a major focus of the current Obama campaign. The report has won the attention of companies like Kaufman Trailers.

CNN reports that skilled factor jobs have actually increased significantly in recent years. According to the Conference Board, job openings for skilled factory laborers have increased by 38 percent since 2005. The most significant increase in job postings for skilled workers -- an increase of 152 percent -- has happened over the past three years.

For Kaufman Trailers, this is a report worth celebrating. Kaufman Trailers is a leading manufacturer and seller of trailers of all kinds. The company is based in North Carolina, but distributes its trailers to customers all over the United States. Kaufman Trailers has responded to the new manufacturing jobs data with a statement to the press.

"This is an exciting report for those who work within the manufacturing sector," says the company in its press statement. "More to the point, however, it is an exciting report for any American who wants to see the economy improve, and for more jobs to be made available to those willing to work hard."

CNN reports that the demand for skilled laborers is highest in Ohio, Michigan, Texas, California, Illinois, and Indiana. The employers themselves range from small parts makers to companies in the auto, aerospace, and industrial metals sectors.

As for the trailer industry, Kaufman Trailers says that there is ample room for optimism. "Many companies within the trailer vertical have been expanding in recent years," says the company. "At Kaufman Trailers, we have seen plenty of evidence of improvement."

The statement from Kaufman Trailers notes that demand for trailers has tapered off in some sectors, but continues to grow in others. "Large contract vehicle fleets and truck leasing companies have been especially important in helping the trailer industry continue to grow," the company affirms.

Meanwhile, CNN reports, "the hottest openings are for machinists, tool-and-die makers, computer-aided machine operators, and similar specialties." Starting salaries for these skilled labor jobs often begin as high as $45,000. The Conference Board concludes that the data represents a very real pickup in the manufacturing industry.


Kaufman Trailers is a leading seller of trailers; based in the State of North Carolina, the company manufactures and sells a wide array of trailers, including gooseneck, utility, flatbed, equipment, dump, and car trailer models. Kaufman Trailers adheres to strict internal quality standards and holds NATM certification, ensuring durable towing and vehicle addition products. Dedicated to providing competitive pricing and a diverse product catalogue, Kaufman Trailers is committed to the highest degree of customer satisfaction. The company delivers its products to any location.


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