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India hopes to reach 100 billion dollar trade with China by 2015: Krishna

February 8, 2012 - Beijing

The visiting External Affairs Minister, S.M. Krishna, on Wednesday said India hopes to reach the 100 billion dollar trade with China by 2015.

"At the bilateral front, we have discussed our growing trade relationship. We are confident that we would be aiming and we should be able to reach the 100 billion dollar trade between the two countries by 2015. As it is, we have crossed 74 billion dollars. So, I do not think that we have set a target, which we will not be able to achieve," said Krishna.

Urging the Chinese authorities to give access to Indian IT and pharmaceutical companies, Krishna said the Chinese infrastructure companies are welcomed in India

"And I did bring up the subject of balancing these trade relations between our two countries and the progress of Indian companies in software technologies and pharmaceuticals is well known," said Krishna.

"And I express the hope that market access will be provided for them so that these industries could come into China. Similarly, investment from China in the infrastructure in India would be very welcome," he added. By Naveen Kapoor


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