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The HurryCane(TM): Reviews Show Walking Can Improve Health, Wellbeing

November 12, 2012 - NEW YORK, NY

According to an Inquirer News article, walking has a number of positive benefits for the body. This is great news considering walking is an activity nearly anyone can engage in. In a statement to the press, The Hurry Cane™ reviews the wonderful benefits of walking.

Throughout the article, the author touts walking for its benefits related to maintaining a healthy weight. He suggests walking is believed to help normalize blood sugar levels, burn fat, strengthen muscles, and lower blood pressure and cholesterol. The author also notes walking enhances digestion by encouraging the rhythm of the intestines.

Another important benefit noted in the article is the ability of walking to lift the mood. Simply by taking a walk, individuals can feel better both in body and mind. The information shared in the article indicates the brain secretes chemicals that help us feel good as we walk. Subsequently, engaging in physical exercise like taking a walk can help sooth anxieties and alleviate feelings of sadness.

The makers of the mobility device The Hurry Cane™ agree with the wonders walking can have on the body. The Hurry Cane™ reviews these benefits in their comment: "From your heart to your hips, the benefits of walking are indisputable. At the HurryCane™, it is our mission to make sure our nation's elderly do not lose the health and lifestyle benefits of being mobile."

The author suggests individuals begin a walking regimen of 25 minutes every day. Every two weeks, individuals should extend their walks by 10 minutes. The ultimate goal is to walk for 45 minutes at least four times per week.

The article referred to a study that included 40 women who needed to shed excess pounds and found a program of walking, along with diet, led to weight loss. The article asserts the subjects experienced an average weight loss of eight percent. Furthermore, participants experienced double digit losses in fat mass and the fat along the abdomen. The article indicates these results are more than one would expect when using diet along.


The Hurry Cane™ is the latest innovation in mobility solutions for senior citizens and those who have difficulty walking. With a structure similar to the traditional cane, The Hurry Cane™ features a unique pivot-head design that allows for greater movement and flexibility. It also provides a strong base that allows users to perform tasks with both their hands, without having to worry about their cane falling over. With total approval ratings at a reported 98 percent, many consumers are already sharing their success stories after using this innovative product.

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