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The Hurry Cane(TM): Physical Activity Helps Seniors Ward Off Health Problems

August 14, 2012 - NEW YORK, NY

According to the National Institute on Aging, it is estimated that 5.1 million Americans over the age of 60 are victims of Alzheimer's disease. Although the condition, associated with severe memory loss, affects a great majority of senior citizens, there is little research that has provided the foundation for a cure. However, according to a recent article from ABC News, four clinical trials recently presented at the Alzheimer's disease International Conference in Vancouver, Canada reveal that a healthy routine of exercise can stave off the troublesome disease. Makers of The Hurry Cane™ applaud this new research and add that although one may be older, new innovations have made it easier for a senior citizen to stay healthy and protect his or her mind.

The article notes that each of the studies provided vital information that could lead to more research regarding an Alzheimer's cure. The studies each involved senior citizen subjects, each with memory loss problems, and how certain kinds of exercise impacted their brains' activity. As expected, scientists found that even mild to moderate forms of exercise, such as walking or stretching, typically improved one's memory. More interestingly, the studies demonstrated that even later in life, the human brain has the ability to grow and develop. From this conclusion, many physicians are encouraging their senior patients to pursue higher levels of activity to maintain brain health and prevent Alzheimer's disease.

While this news is wonderful for many senior citizens, it is not always possible for them to form a practical exercise routine, especially if one faces disabilities that limit mobility. The Hurry Cane™ was designed to help reduce those obstacles by introducing an innovative take on the traditional cane. Users enjoy its flexibility and sturdy footing that makes it possible to travel over many types of terrain and become more active.

Courtney Hoefener, representative of The Hurry Cane™, notes the company's excitement of the new Alzheimer's developments. Hoefener hopes that the news will encourage older individuals to become more active. She explains, "The health benefits of active seniors keep pouring in. It's critical that seniors surround themselves with tools for an active lifestyle. That's why we call The Hurry Cane™, the 'go-anywhere-do-anything cane.' We want to encourage our customers to stay away from the dangers an inactive lifestyle can create in later years. We want them to get out there, and enjoy life!"


The Hurry Cane™ is the latest innovation in mobility solutions for senior citizens and those who have difficulty walking. With a structure similar to the traditional cane, The Hurry Cane™ features a unique pivot-head design that allows for greater movement and flexibility. It also provides a strong base that allows users to perform tasks with both their hands, without having to worry about their cane falling over. With total approval ratings at a reported 98 percent, many consumers are already sharing their success stories after using this innovative product.

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