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Homes by Vanderbuilt: Modular Home Industry Embraces Green Technology

August 2, 2012 - Sanford, NC

For generations, the mobile home has remained an American icon that represents freedom and a sense of exploration in terms of discovering the open road. However, as more consumers become aware of green initiatives and cost-saving measures, fewer motorists have held onto their recreational vehicles, or RVs. In fact, when it comes to fuel costs alone, many travelers will not consider purchasing a new RV to travel the country. To fight stigma, a new article from Earth Techling highlights a new RV product known as the "Leaf House." The Leaf House has reinvented the mobile home to maximize space, comfort and energy costs -- a tactic that modular home company Homes by Vanderbuilt is very familiar with.

Homes by Vanderbuilt demonstrates, by its vast product line, that prefabricated homes can range anywhere from modular designs to double wide homes to RVs. Although the company only specializes in the construction of modular and double wide homes, it recognizes the need for energy-efficient technology and design in all structures. Homes by Vanderbuilt's line of Xtreme Green Homes feature many appliances that exceed Energy Star™ standards and involve a series of cost-saving designs to help the homeowner cut back on energy costs. In fact, the company's products have even allowed homeowners to take advantage of tax credits that reward citizens for taking part in green initiatives.

The company observes that the Leaf House is doing to RVs what Homes by Vanderbuilt has done for the modular home. In a recent press statement, Homes by Vanderbuilt responded to this innovation, "Technology and comfort in RVs is much more advanced than ever before." While the article describes the layout of the Leaf House as one that maximizes space, Homes by Vanderbuilt believes the real innovation is in the product's energy-efficient features.

The article describes the many revolutionary energy-saving tools that the Leaf House packs into its relatively small 20-foot space. It states, "Several large windows allow the natural light to flood in, and when it's dark, LED and halogen lighting fixtures go to work. Furthermore, the home features many self-sustaining elements including a composting toilet, propane tankless hot water system, propane GE range and half fridge, Ecoheat electric baseboards, and a 35-gallon water storage unit."

On a structural level, the Leaf House is reported to use "Forest Stewardship Certified timber, recycled materials, low-VOC wood finishes and paints." These materials are great, according to Homes by Vanderbuilt; using them shows that even in the creation of a structure, companies are thinking green. Homes by Vanderbuilt encourages similar construction options, noting that its efficient modular building systems reduce material waste in comparison with on-site construction methods.


Homes by Vanderbuilt constructs prefabricated modular and double wide homes. In doing so, the company provides the opportunity of homeownership to Americans living in North Carolina, southern Virginia, and the northern region of South Carolina. Homes by Vanderbuilt provide living spaces that are built one section at a time and monitored closely by the quality control department. Once the modules are complete, they are transported to the property of the homeowner. Homes by Vanderbuilt are proud to provide an avenue to homeownership to its customers.


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