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Facebook counter sues Yahoo over patent infringement lawsuit

April 4, 2012 - London

Social networking giant Facebook has fired back to a recently launched wide-ranging patent lawsuit from rival Yahoo with a legal action of its own.

The embattled Internet firm claimed that Facebook had infringed ten of its patents, including systems and methods for advertising on the web.

Now, Facebook is counter suing, claiming Yahoo violated its patents covering photo tagging, advertising and online recommendations, The BBC reports.

According to the report, Yahoo claimed that Facebook's suit is 'without merit'.

In its lawsuit, Yahoo has said that the 'entire social network model' was based on its technology, and infringed its rights to innovations involved in messaging, privacy controls, advertising, customisation and social networking.

Few days after Yahoo's allegations, Facebook acquired 750 patents from computing giant IBM.

According to the report, until the end of 2011, Facebook held just 56 patents, a figure analysts say is comparatively low for a technology company.

By comparison, Yahoo owns about 1,000 patents.


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