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Coare Biotechnology and ChemDiv Establish Co-Marketing and Service Collaboration

November 7, 2012 - SAN DIEGO, CA

COARE Biotechnology (COARE) and ChemDiv, Inc. (ChemDiv) announced today the formation of a strategic alliance that will offer a fully integrated gene-to-clinic services aimed at development of therapeutic agents that selectively affect cancer stem cells (CSC).

Under terms of this agreement, COARE contributes its pioneering research on the role of Doublecortin-like Kinase 1 (DCLK1) in proliferation and differentiation of CSC including relevant screening reagents and know-how. ChemDiv provides chemistry and biology expertise, including i) small molecule screening libraries, Medicinal Chemistry support, ii) assay adaptation, development and implementation, iii) in vivo testing and iv) advanced preclinical services including DMPK/tox. Dr. Ilya Okun, VP of Biology and CTO at ChemDiv, said: "COARE scientists, have identified a novel enzyme, DCLK1, which plays a key role in development of many solid tumors. This kinase is a promising and tractable target for the discovery of novel specific anti-cancer therapies. I am very excited that the collaboration between ChemDiv and COARE on this program will allow for discovery of new ways to treat a panel of cancers, for which there currently is no effective medicine."

Dr. Courtney W. Houchen, Chief Medical Adviser and cofounder, said, "We are excited at this partnership opportunity and the fact that this collaboration with ChemDiv will bring to the doorstep of both pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide, our research, expertise and our proprietary assays to help discover small molecules that target, and potentially eradicates or functionally inactivates the most resistant subpopulation of most tumors, the cancer stem cells."

About ChemDiv
ChemDiv, Inc. is a Fully Integrated Target-to-Clinic Contract Research Organization (CRO) headquartered in San Diego, CA USA. The company features multiple research and development (R&D) subsidiaries in Russia, Ukraine and China as well as business and logistics operations around the world. We engage pharmaceutical and biotech partners by offering 'one stop' drug discovery and development services based on a project-, FTE- and risk sharing collaborative modes. More information about ChemDiv is available at

COARE Biotechnology is a research driven biotechnology company dedicated to developing novel anti-cancer therapeutic agents designed to treat solid tumor cancers headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK USA. Our agents are directed against DCLK1, a novel molecular target whose mechanism of action involves multi-pathway, multi-functional cancer inhibition. Recently completed research has shown that this stem cell related protein plays a functional role and is increased in human pancreatic cancer. This protein works to turn off natural tumor suppressors and turns on cancer-causing genes. We are determined to eradicate solid tumor cancers in our lifetime. For additional information about us go to

Contact from ChemDiv
Ilya Okun, Ph.D.
Vice President of Biology and CTO
Phone: 858-794-4860
e-mail: Email Contact

Contact from COARE Biotechnology
Eddie Bannerman-Menson
Chief of Staff
Phone: 405-227-0406
e-mail: Email Contact


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