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Calico Energy Offers Seamless Green Button Support

October 1, 2012 - SEATTLE, WA

Calico Energy Services (, the market leader in interoperable Demand Side Management solutions and analytics, today announced extensive support for the Green Button Initiative. Support for the Green Button industry standard data format is part of Calico's ongoing goal to provide utilities and their customers with a Unified Operations Center that enables a single view of data, devices, software engines and applications.

"Calico has a long history of helping a broad range of utilities to simplify the process of engaging customers in energy programs," said Mike Miller, President and CEO of Calico Energy. "But what makes Calico a unique technology partner for our customers is the extent to which we support interoperability with data, devices, software engines, and applications -- all in one platform. Our support for Green Button is a natural extension to our approach -- one that we believe will bring outstanding value and an improved experience to our utility clients and their customers."

Calico supports the Green Button initiative by ensuring that its Unified Operations Center has the ability to send and receive data in Green Button format at several levels:

  • Utility cost savings and simplified integration. Utilities who support Green Button-based access to customer data are able to automatically extend customer usage data into Calico's customer data presentment, demand side management, and analytics applications -- simplifying integration, reducing costs, and speeding program implementation. This capability adds value to the existing strength of Calico's Platform in exchanging data with internal and external modules, communicating control signals, and fueling advanced analytics by collecting and aggregating data from siloed systems throughout the enterprise.
  • Energy Star and LEED Certification. Calico supports the collection of whole building energy usage data in Green Button format and the submission of this data to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to help companies achieve ENERGY STAR and LEED certification. Calico's software adds value to Green Button data by aggregating individual account data for each building -- each of which can have tens or hundreds of individual accounts -- and automating the submission of this data to the EPA on a monthly basis as required for Energy Star certification. Calico's current building energy assessment software is used to manage an estimated 475 Million square feet of commercial building space, while saving time and expense for both utilities and their commercial customers.
  • Residential Customer Enablement. Residential customers are able to download their individual energy data from Calico's HomeSMART™ residential energy management portal and utilize it for third-party applications or analysis. Calico supports export formats such as XML, PDF, CSV, Excel and other standards as needed. HomeSMART™, which has been deployed at utilities throughout North America, educates ratepayers about their energy usage and enables them to participate in energy saving programs and incentives, view contract and rate information, and remotely control devices in their home. Customers can also establish long-term, reliable energy reduction with automated "set it and forget it" controls, which adjust energy usage based on the current price of electricity or utility demand signals.
  • Commercial Customer Enablement. Business customers are able to download their business' energy data from Calico's BusinessSMART™ commercial energy management portal to utilize with third-party applications or independent analysis. BusinessSMART™ also provides dashboards and analytics that help all classes of business and commercial consumers identify spikes in usage and reduce demand charges -- often as much as 60% of their energy bill.

About Green Button
The industry-led Green Button Initiative, in response to a White House call to action, provides energy customers with easy access to their energy usage data in a consumer-friendly and computer-friendly format. Its rapid adoption by major U.S. utilities confirms the growing demand across end customers for easy access to meaningful energy use information.

About Calico Energy Services
Calico Energy provides a unified operations center that connects data, devices, software engines and applications. Through centralized reporting and powerful analytics, this "hub" enables intelligent decision making -- as well as control of targeted energy resources and grid assets. Calico improves decision making by unifying all relevant data from inside and outside a utility and providing insight through advanced analytics and forecasting capabilities.

Calico also allows utilities to create, execute, test, and fine-tune diverse load-management programs to meet operational needs, business goals, and regulatory requirements -- today and in the future. The Company's commitment to industry standards and open architecture ensures ongoing support for new and evolving technologies. To learn more about Calico Energy Services, please visit

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