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BrightScope Releases List of the Top 25 New York City Area-Based Companies With the Best 401K Plans

March 16, 2012 - SAN DIEGO, CA

BrightScope (, a leading provider of independent financial information and investment research, today announced its second annual list of the top New York City area-based companies with the highest ranked 401k plans containing more than $100 million in assets. This year BrightScope has extended the list to include the top 25 companies.

BrightScope obtains an increasing amount of its data directly from plan sponsors and record keepers, and augments these primary sources with data from publicly available sources such as the Department of Labor and the Securities and Exchange Commission. By analyzing and interpreting this data, BrightScope provides unprecedented transparency into the 401k industry.

"It is great to see that nearly 90 percent of these plans are new members to this year's list," said Bryan Lorenz, vice president of data at BrightScope. "New York City should be proud of the diversity and strength of these companies' rankings. The difference between first and 25th is only six points, which means more companies are paying attention to improving the plans they offer employees for stable and confident financial futures."

Noteworthy findings in the 2012 Top 25 New York City 401k Plans list include:

  • Rankings for this year's plans have higher overall ratings. The top plan, Deloitte LLP Profit Sharing Plan, was rated 4 points higher than the highest rated plan in 2011
  • OppenheimerFunds, Inc.'s Capital Accumulation Plan drops 10 spots to 12th place
  • IBM (International Business Machines)'s 401(k) Plus Plan ranks eighth on this list and came in at number 22 on BrightScope's 2011 Year-End Top 30 Ratings List
  • The BlackRock, Inc. Retirement Savings Plan slips down to number 19, compared to last year's ranking as number five
  • The AllianceBernstein L.P. Profit Sharing Plan for Employees moves from 6th place to 22nd

Company -- Plan Name -- BrightScope Rating (Rounded to the nearest whole number)

1. Deloitte LLP -- Deloitte Profit Sharing Plan -- 90

2. Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation -- Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation Investment Savings Plan -- 88

3. Bristol-Myers Squibb Company -- Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Savings and Investment Program -- 87

4. TD Securities USA, LLC -- The TD Wholesale Banking USA 401(k) Plan -- 87

5. BASF Corporation -- BASF Corporation Retirement Savings Plan -- 87

6. Investment Technology Group, Inc. -- Investment Technology Group, Inc. Employee Stock Ownership Plan -- 87

7. Ford Foundation -- Ford Foundation Retirement Plan -- 86

8. IBM (International Business Machines) -- IBM 401(k) Plus Plan -- 86

9. X.L. America, Inc. -- X.L. America, Inc. Employee Savings Plan -- 86

10. Cytec Industries, Inc. -- Cytec Employees' Savings Plan -- 86

11. Bessemer Trust Company -- Bessemer Trust Company 401(k) and Profit Sharing Plan -- 85

12. OppenheimerFunds, Inc. -- OppenheimerFunds, Inc. Capital Accumulation Plan -- 85

13. The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. -- The Goldman Sachs 401(k) Plan -- 85

14. Organon USA, Inc. -- Retirement Savings Plan for the Organon Biosciences US Affiliates -- 85

15. Novo Nordisk, Inc. -- Novo Nordisk, Inc. 401(k) Savings Plan -- 85

16. Nomura Securities International, Inc. -- Nomura Securities International, Inc. Retirement Investment Plan -- 85

17. Hazen & Sawyer, P.C. -- Hazen & Sawyer, P.C. 401(k) Plan -- 84

18. Johnson & Johnson -- Johnson & Johnson Savings Plan -- 84

19. BlackRock, Inc. -- BlackRock Retirement Savings Plan -- 84

20. Skanska USA Civil -- Skanska Retirement Plan Plus -- 84

21. Alcatel-Lucent -- Alcatel-Lucent Savings Plan -- 84

22. AllianceBernstein L.P. -- Profit Sharing Plan for Employees of AllianceBernstein L.P. -- 84

23. Merck & Co., Inc. -- MSD Employee Savings and Security Plan -- 84

24. Schering-Plough Corporation -- Schering-Plough Employees' Savings Plan -- 84

25. Morgan Stanley & Co. Incorporated -- Morgan Stanley 401(k) Savings Plan -- 84

BrightScope's 401k plan Rating was developed by BrightScope, Inc. with the help of leading academics and independent 401k fiduciaries. Analyzing more than 200 individual data points, the BrightScope Rating algorithm can calculate a single numerical score for each 401k plan in the country. The data points examined cover broad categories such as total plan cost, company generosity and investment menu quality.

BrightScope has rated nearly 50,000 401k plans, spanning more than 30 million workers and over $2 trillion in assets. Industry adoption of the BrightScope Rating will lead to more cost-effective plans, increased participation rates, higher employee satisfaction and better outcomes for the 60 million employees who depend on their 401k plan for retirement.

About BrightScope
BrightScope is a financial information company that brings transparency to opaque markets through independent research and analysis. Delivered through web-based software, BrightScope data drives better decision-making for individual investors, corporate plan sponsors, asset managers, broker-dealers, and financial advisors. The BrightScope Rating™, developed in partnership with leading independent 401k fiduciaries, reviews more than 200 unique data inputs per plan and calculates a single numerical score which defines plan quality at the company level. In April 2011, the company launched BrightScope Advisor Pages™, the first comprehensive and publicly available directory of financial advisors designed to help consumers discover information and conduct due diligence on wealth management professionals. BrightScope also markets a suite of data analytics software products to Fortune 1000 companies, asset managers, broker-dealers, financial advisors, and other market participants. Public ratings for more than 46,000 retirement plans as well as rating definitions, criteria and methodologies, and information on more than 475,000 financial advisors and 45,000 advisory firms are available for free at

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