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Boosting Power Plant Efficiency & Reliability

September 14, 2012 - New York

The formation of varnish in gas turbine lube oil is plaguing the power generation industry, causing unscheduled turbine trips and shut downs, and a lot of money being spent on lab testing and filtration skids, says Jim Kovanda, Executive Vice President, American Chemical Technologies. Polyalkylene glycol (PAG) can solubilize decomposition by-products, thus extending the lifeblood of power plant equipment, he adds. In addition, after five years of operation in gas turbines, the molecule's ability to lower bearing temperatures provides attractive efficiency gains.

From a solution provider company attending the marcus evans Power Plant Management Summit 2012, in Wheeling, Illinois, October 15-17, Kovanda uncovers unique solutions for the issue of varnish formation in gas turbines, which brings in efficiency, reliability and productivity gains.

- What issues are troubling power plant managers today?

A big pain point for them is the formation of varnish in gas turbine lube oil. The changes that major oil companies made to base stocks over the years, in an effort to produce better oil for their biggest market of vehicles, caused a deficiency in the power gen industry. By removing the impurities in the mineral oils (Group II / III, and PAO) the solubility of the oil decreased, allowing varnish molecules to agglomerate and eventually drop out, plug tight-tolerance valves, and cause shut downs.

- How are they handling this issue? What maintenance or processes could they eliminate if they used American Chemical Technologies' products?

They routinely pull samples and run extensive tests to confirm the condition of the turbine lube oil. A market for varnish removal filtration has also evolved, requiring an investment of up to USD 50,000 for a skid.

Power plant managers are challenged with the task of identifying when varnish is being formed, and if they have the means to effectively and promptly remove it. Our product - EcoSafe Revive - has the ability to pull in decomposition by-products and solubilize the varnish instantaneously. This is an additive that can repair turbine oil, while EcoSafe TF-25 is for when the oil has reached the end of its useful life and needs to be replaced. Both of these significantly reduce the necessity, frequency and costs of running extensive tests, and the investment in, and maintenance of, varnish removal filtration equipment.

- How can this boost plant reliability and efficiency? What potential does the technology hold for the industry?

What is plaguing turbine operators are the unscheduled trips that occur because of system failure causing shut down. They must get back up and running to fulfill the demand on the grid for their megawatts, which in many cases they are contractually obligated to provide. EcoSafe eliminates these trips which cost USD 40,000 - 150,000.

Our clients have also reported a two to five degree Fahrenheit reduction in bearing temperature, because the equipment is better lubricated. General Electric (GE) is looking at this in depth because a potential of efficiency gain of this magnitude in power generation is huge. It can reduce the footprint of the actual equipment and the reservoirs that need to cool the oil as it circulates. A 160 megawatt GE 7FA turbine might be able to produce more megawatts while operating at the same temperature.

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