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Baton Rouge Veterinarian Announces Companion Laser Therapy

January 26, 2012 - Baton Rouge, LA

Jefferson Animal Hospital in Baton Rouge announced that the animal clinic offers companion laser therapy for pets. The treatment can help pets with joint and disc problems, hot spots, lick granulomas, acute and chronic ear infections, periodontal disease, cystitis, sinusitis and wounds. Laser therapy can also provide post-surgical pain relief. The animal hospital offers routine pet wellness care, animal emergency care, and pet acupuncture.

Baton Rouge veterinarians, Dr. Sam Haase and Dr. Frederic Michaelson, announced that their animal clinic, Jefferson Animal Hospital, now offers companion laser therapy. This non-invasive treatment is used for pain management and to treat pets with degenerative health problems, infections, wounds and other health conditions.

"We know pets are an important part of the family," said Dr. Haase. "That's why we don't just treat them like animals, but like the important family members that they are. Laser therapy is a critical veterinary care advancement for your pets that will ease pain and help treat many common health concerns, without the need for invasive surgery or medication."

Dr. Haase and Dr. Michaelson use companion laser therapy to treat pets with degenerative joint disease, degenerative disc disease, hot spots, lick granulomas, acute and chronic ear infections, periodontal disease, cystitis, sinusitis and wounds. Laser therapy can also provide post-surgical pain relief.

"We are excited to announce the addition of companion laser therapy to our practice," said Dr. Michaelson. "As a veterinarian, my primary concern is ensuring that your pet is comfortable and not in pain. Laser therapy allows for advanced pain management, especially for pets suffering from painful degenerative joint conditions."

According to the veterinarians, laser therapy works by penetrating deep into injured tissue. This helps reduce inflammation and promote internal healing on the cellular level. The laser spurs the cells to produce a chemical known as ATP (Adenosine-triphosphate), which is essential to repairing damaged tissue and reducing inflammation.

"Cold laser therapy has been used for years to safely treat humans who are recovering from injuries, including professional athletes," said Dr. Hasse. "As part of our commitment to providing the latest veterinary technology, we are excited to offer this same high level of quality, compassionate service to pets."

The Baton Rouge pet wellness clinic also offers acupuncture treatments for natural pain management.

"Many pets benefit greatly from a combination of laser therapy and acupuncture," said Dr. Haase. "Not only do these treatments safely manage pain associated with conditions like arthritis, but they also allow pets to enjoy enhanced well being. Some older animals are even able to be comfortably active, just like when they were younger. Most importantly, these treatments are an effective alternative to prescription painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications."

In addition to pain management, the animal hospital provides annual pet wellness appointments, vaccinations, boarding, and pet urgent care and emergency care.

Only a veterinarian can determine if a pet is a good candidate for companion laser therapy. Pet owners who wish to learn more about this treatment may do so by visiting the animal clinic's website,

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