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Appliance Advisor From WattzOn Launches to Help Consumers Make Savvy Appliance Choices On-The-Go

October 1, 2012 - WASHINGTON, DC

Savvy shoppers can now discover when a $900 home appliance actually costs less than one priced at $700, or when an old home appliance costs hundreds of dollars more than a new one, with the WattzOn Appliance Advisor ( The app takes the guesswork out of making smarter appliance purchases, helping people choose appliances that can save them hundreds of dollars or more off their energy bill.

Today, personal energy management platform WattzOn ( announced the launch of WattzOn Appliance Advisor, a mobile web app that makes it easy for consumers to see and compare the real costs of new appliances, including the energy costs. With appliances like refrigerators, the energy costs can be 50% or more of the purchase price. Leveraging appliance energy consumption data from the Department of Energy and the FTC, the Appliance Advisor provides energy cost projections for specific models using local utility rates The app also shows the savings opportunity when replacing an older appliance. For example, replacing an older refrigerator with a newer, more energy efficient model can often lower utility bills by hundreds of dollars. It also shows when rebates may be available, which can save even more money.

With more than 140 million refrigerators in U.S. homes accounting for $19.2 billion in annual energy spending*, replacing a refrigerator is the single fastest way to lower home energy bills. To best serve consumers, WattzOn is launching the app first with a refrigerator evaluation tool, with plans for additional home appliance and electronics categories in the future such as air conditioners and televisions.

"Upgrading the nation's 46 million refrigerators that are 10 or more years old would have a huge impact on both lowering people's energy bills and our national energy use," said Martha Amram, CEO of WattzOn. "At WattzOn, we're always looking for new ways to help people save money by reducing their home and auto energy use. The WattzOn Appliance Advisor does just that. The government produces critical data and we're putting that data at people's fingertips in a user friendly application."

With Appliance Advisor, people can quickly see how much replacing an old refrigerator will lower their utility bills. People are often surprised at how much electricity is used by older refrigerators and how much money they can save by upgrading to a newer, more efficient model. The app also shows the total cost of ownership, which is the purchase price plus projected electricity costs, for new refrigerators and allows people to compare models from across brands and stores to find the best value. User can create and share lists with others.

"Previously, the information about appliance costs available to consumers was extremely fragmented and ignored local utility rates," said Amram. "This is important because the same refrigerator might cost $50 a year in one location and over a $100 a year in another. We've simplified the information, making it easily accessible, so people can make appliance purchases that benefit them financially while also helping the environment."

The WattzOn Appliance Advisor is compatible with iPhone, Android and Windows phones. For more information about the app, please visit

*Souce: Department of Energy, EIA Residential Energy Consumption Surveys (RECS) 2009 & 2005

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