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024 Pain Management System Offers Relief for Fibromyalgia and Related Symptoms

July 23, 2012 - NEW YORK, NY

After osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia is the most prevalent musculoskeletal condition and is responsible for a wide range of unbearable symptoms in those who suffer from the condition. For example, many fibromyalgia patients experience various and widespread joint and muscle pain, ongoing fatigue and depression. Although the condition is common, it is not fully understood, making it difficult for medical practitioners to properly diagnosis and treat it. However, for those who struggle with the illness, there are some solutions that may reduce or eliminate the chronic pain. One option, known as the 024 Pain Management System, aims to reduce pain through an all-natural topical formula.

While the 024 Pain Management System offers relief to those who suffer from fibromyalgia and various forms of arthritis, it also works well with several other chronic pain conditions. As noted by a recent article on, fibromyalgia is potentially linked to several other pain-related conditions. The author of the article, Adrienne Dellwo, explains, "In my case, fibromyalgia is secondary to myofascial pain syndrome. I've probably had that since I was 10, but it was undiagnosed until I was in my 30s. It's likely that the constant pain I was in lead to the changes in my nervous system that triggered the fibromyalgia." Since her diagnosis, she also reports pain related to more recently-acquired conditions such as TMJ and autoimmune thyroid disease.

Dellwo highlights the importance of paying attention to various pain symptoms, as they may not always be included under the umbrella of fibromyalgia, but an overlapping pain condition such as Lupus, IBS and Raynaud's Syndrome. In order to minimize pain, fibromyalgia patients must consult with their doctor on the various forms of treatment that help with associated symptoms. However, the makers behind the 024 Pain Management System note that the answer may not always lie in a wide variety of prescription medications and treatments.

In a recent press statement the company notes, "024 Pain Management System was developed with fibromyalgia patients in mind. The all natural, patented blend of 7 essential oils have been clinically proven to significantly reduce pain due to fibromyalgia, promote long term healing with absolutely no side effects. In fact it is the only topical solution to be approved by the National Fibromyalgia Association." In addition to fibromyalgia, the solution can also help reduce pain linked to many of the overlapping pain conditions outlined in the article.


The 024 Pain Management System is one of the best pain management products available in America. This system was originally created to improve the quality of life for those who live with chronic illnesses and debilitating pain. Specifically, the system is designed to help men, women and children around the world who suffer from Arthritis, osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and Diabetic Neuropathy. Satisfied users note that the all-natural topical ointment is fast and effective at reducing and eliminating pain. Additionally, the system is the only all-natural, FDA approved and patented solution that is approved by the National Fibromyalgia Association.

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