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World's Largest Passenger Jet Heading to MIA

June 9, 2011 - Pasadena, CA

The world's largest passenger airliner makes its debut at Miami International Airport (MIA) tomorrow, inaugurating Lufthansa's daily non-stop service between Miami, Florida, and Frankfurt, Germany.

Few airports can accommodate the Airbus A380, which is the size of a football field. MIA's South Terminal, constructed by a joint venture between Parsons Corporation and Odebrecht Construction Inc. (Parsons-Odebrecht), was designed specifically to handle the superjumbo jet. MIA is the fifth U.S. airport and the first in the Southeastern United States to obtain A380 service.

Although the airliner can hold up to 853 passengers, Lufthansa has configured its aircraft to fly 526 passengers -- 420 in economy class, 98 in business class, and 8 in first class. It has a 263-ft wingspan and contains 4 million parts produced by 1,500 companies in 30 different countries. The A380 is also the world's "greenest" plane, some 15% more fuel-efficient than the smaller Boeing 747-400 that Lufthansa currently flies on the route.

"It's a great day for MIA," said Ginger Evans, Parsons Senior Vice President and Aviation Division Manager. "Parsons-Odebrecht is pleased to continue assisting Miami-Dade County in its efforts to keep pace with air travel and meet passenger needs."

Gilberto Neves, Odebrecht's Chief Executive Officer, added, "It is immensely gratifying to have the very latest and best airplane technology attracted to a terminal facility built to do just that, bring the very finest air-travel experience to the people of South Florida."

The $300 million A380 has bars and two large, luxurious bathrooms on the upper deck, with separate changing and restroom areas. The main deck economy level features in-seat video screens on slender seat backs for additional passenger space. Flights departing MIA's Terminal J at 4 p.m. will arrive in Frankfurt at 7 a.m., local time, and will be serviced by 23 cabin crew members.

Collaborating for more than a decade, the Parsons-Odebrecht team has successfully managed and constructed more than $2.2 billion worth of work. The joint venture currently serves as the prime contractor on two projects at MIA: The North Terminal and the MIA Mover, an above-ground, automated people mover system connecting airport passengers to the consolidated Rental Car Center and Miami Intermodal Center, Miami-Dade County's own "grand central station." Parsons-Odebrecht has, in turn, awarded contracts to more than 140 local, small businesses during the past 10 years, totaling more than $700 million in work.

Founded in 1944, Parsons is a global engineering, construction, technical, and management services firm headquartered in Pasadena, California. Parsons is a leader in many diversified markets with a focus on infrastructure, environmental, and defense/security. Parsons delivers design/design-build, program/construction management, professional services, and alternative delivery solutions to federal, regional, and local government agencies worldwide, as well as to private industrial customers. For more about Parsons, please visit

Odebrecht Construction Inc. is the U.S. division of Odebrecht Group, founded in Brazil in 1944 and today a worldwide leader in providing construction, engineering, bio-energy, petrochemical, environmental, transportation, mining, oil and gas, and real estate enterprise services. With a particular emphasis on public-sector projects of signature importance, Odebrecht opened its U.S. headquarters in Coral Gables, Florida, in 1990.


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