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The Mortgage Law Group Shares Good News With Homeowners Facing Holiday Foreclosure

December 22, 2011 - Chicago, IL

As Christmas trees are being decorated, lights are being hung, dreidels are being spun, and gift lists are being marked off, some struggling homeowners are discovering they don't need to worry about being kicked out of their homes over the holidays.

Several top national mortgage lenders are agreeing to a moratorium of home forecloses and homeowner evictions between the dates of December 19, 2011 and January 2, 2012. Participating banks are Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America.

"Typically the holiday season is the jolliest time of the year, but for thousands it can be the most stressful time," said Colin Banyon, Foreclosure Defense Attorney for The Mortgage Law Group. "No one wants to see a family without a home, especially during the holiday season when family means the most."

The nationwide foreclosure defense firm is optimistic about the lenders' halt on foreclosures for the holidays. "This time will allow families time to figure out a plan, to find other places to live that are more affordable and most importantly begin looking for help," said Banyon. "However, it's important that homeowners facing foreclosure understand the foreclosure process will continue after January 2, 2012."

The firm uses a waterfall effect to exhaust all options for clients who are facing foreclosure. "Not one case is the same, so it's important that we as a law firm have options; we want families to stay in their homes," said Banyon. The law offices encourage any homeowners facing foreclosure to contact an experienced foreclosure defense attorney to review their legal rights and options for keeping their homes. For more information about the firm and its services, visit

About The Mortgage Law Group:

The Mortgage Law Group is one of the most sophisticated consumer protection law firms in the country. The company has helped thousands of consumers rebuild their lives and save their homes. With offices conveniently located throughout the United States, The Mortgage Law Group has more than 100 associate attorneys ensuring the best possible outcome during uncertain times.


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